June: Wishes and Regrets

So the 10th of every month for the past year has been exclusively reserved for my monthly wishlist. But for the past few months I just have not been feeling them. I don't know what it is about them that I haven't enjoyed, but I have found myself dreading writing them.

So true to fashion on this blog. I am sticking to what I have always said "my blog, my content, my rules" So I am changing it. Not entirely but adapting it to suit my style more now.

So instead of a wishlist and a recap, I will be sharing my Wishes & Regrets. Aka, things I want to buy, and things I wish I hadn't. Something I personally love reading about.

All I can think about this month is Jeffree Star, unless you haven't noticed my obsession on here over the past few weeks, the obsession is real. And somewhat worrying. So right now all I can think is how much I want Gemini...
As for Clothing my biggest wish is to loose a good 3 stone, but I would settle for some nice summer dresses I feel comfortable not wearing leggings with - which is surprisingly hard to find.
This month I am also wishing for a new bed. The old one broke, and I am hoping for a new white one *fingers crossed*
As for everything else I really just hope that this month will be better than the last. A lot of things happened in May, and I just want to move away from it as quickly as possible. Oh and fingers crossed I get into my college course, I have actually opted to switch course - last minute, but keeping my hopes up :)
The dream product this month has to be the new bronze goddess liquid highlight, so beautiful, but not worth the £27.00, but anyone is more than welcome to get it for me, haha :P Special shout out to the girl on the counter who gave me a smug look when I screwed up my face at the price... *sigh*

Without a doubt my biggest buying regret this month is the Maybelline Matte Liquid Lipstick.I just don't like it. I hate the smell, it doesn't dry, it transferred and it stained my top. Overall fail.
I also didn't get on with the Collection waterproof liquid liner, I just found it really hard to work with, clumpy and patchy. I actually stopped using it after a week and repurchased the Seventeen one, not like me to waste money - but I just didn't like it.
As for life, I wish I could change a lot about May, but life just doesn't work in that way. Looking back I just wish I had been stronger quicker. Never ever let anyone bully you, or think its ok to put you down and intimidate you - it is never ok. So onwards and upwards for June! :)

So let me know in the comments one of each, and wish and a miss, I would love to hear yours!

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  1. Sorry to hear its been one of them months lovely. But yes onwards and upwards!
    Your making me obsessed with Jeffery Star myself haha!
    I have that collection eyeliner and i agree with you,. its just bloody awful!!
    Hope you get on the course you want, which one is it? xx

  2. I wish for a new bed too, mine is broken since January and it gets postponed every month, due to other extra expenses that occur every month. So this is my wish too haha! I hope that June is better than May and I absolutel agree with you, don't let anyone put you down or bully you. Just like you said above: my life, my rules :)


  3. I enjoyed reading this post and hopefully June is way better! I've regretted not being more motivated to get fit, I definitely need to make more of an effort next month! :) xxx

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

  4. I'm wishing for a white bed too! But I'll just probably end up painting my old one, since there's really nothing wrong with it... Except the colour.. Haha so girly! I'm also wishing for a cool swimsuit (and lots of sunshine with it :D)
    I'm so sorry that May wasn't the best month for you hon :( <3 but you know what, I'm sure you're now stronger than ever because of it <3 I always try to think that there's really no point in dwelling in the past, since you can't change it (oh boy would I love to sometimes be able to do that), but you can definitely learn from it :) sending you lots of hugs Erin dear <3
    Emma xxx


  5. I've not bought anything this month so no regrets! WOO! But good on your for changing your blog rules when they no longer suit you :)

    Corinne x

  6. I haven't bought any new products this month yet so don't have any regrets! I've used the Maybelline lipstick before and I agree, it's awful. Would love if you could check out my recent fashion post? :)

    The Fashion Road
    Instagram @louisefrancescaa

  7. I love the idea of this post, I haven't seen anything like it before! I also want to find some summer dresses, I'm really particular about the kind of dresses I wear and I don't have any that fit the bill yet.


  8. I need a new bed too! Mine makes a frightful noise every time I move, thankfully I can sleep through just about anything. I was thinking about getting a new dress this month, but my friend just told me shes getting married in August, so I think I will hold off and get something special for that.
    A New Old Fashioned Girl

  9. Love this post! I bought a few things this month and I'm happy with them...especially Urban decay Primer.
    xo Yvonne


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