Instagram: The Best Of Bold Accounts

For a long time Instagram felt very samey: marble, white, which is of course beautiful - but on occasion its nice to see something a bit different... so these are the accounts which seem to constantly brighten up my feed, make me wish I was as bold and as cool... my instagram goals...

FOTD: A Quick Classic

Recently I keep going for the same type of makeup look, and Kate (from The Makeup Artist's Choice) Pointed out that it is very 1950's pin up. The minute she said it - I thought "oh yeah!" but it is genuinely the look I have been using on a daily basis recently. It is just so quick, so easy - yet looks like you have spent ages on it. The perfect combo!

"Holy Grail" Foundations: Estee Lauder Double Wear Vs Nars Sheer Glow

"Holy Grail" Foundations: Estee Lauder Double Wear Vs Nars Sheer Glow 1N1 Ivory Nude Gobi Swatches review compare

I see so many people say that Double Wear is their ultimate foundation, but I also hear the same about Nars Sheer glow - so I thought I would compare the two - and tell you which I prefer. I guess if you disagree you can let me know why in the comments below, or better yet if you have another contender though that out into the mix too!  

SpaceNK Haul + Swatches

SpaceNK Haul, Swatches, CoverFX drops moonlight, becca flower child

I always tell myself when SpaceNK do a £15 off £60 I am allowed to buy expensive makeup, in theory it works out to be 25% off, so really its pretty good (That's what I tell myself to justify the spending!) So they had the offer on last week... and here is what I picked up. 

The Anti-Haul: Make Up I Probably Won't Buy

Have you ever read posts and thought *ooo they look nice, but no* well these are the things I look at - but couldn't actually bring myself to spend my cash on. Either due to price, shipping, or quality.

Dior 4 Colours Eyeshadow Graduation Coral Palette Review + Swatches

Dior 4 Colours Eyeshadow Graduation Coral Palette Review + Swatches

Have you ever looked at a palette and told yourself on repeat, I don't need it - I don't. You have a million other eye shadows the same colour and same formula and you do not need another one.

Then you find out they only have one left and the next thing you know you are carrying it out the shop along with the answer "Why do I never have any Money?"

Well that is exactly what happened here.

What I love About Being Single (On Valentine's Day)

nothing quite says single and alone like Valentine's Day. Being single isn't really something that bothers me - well unless I am cold and wanting a human sized hot water bottle - or needing someone to go to the cinema with (but even then the chances of a boyfriend wanting to go see Beauty & the Beast or 50 shades is probably quite slim)

So instead of composing a forced "What to buy your other half on V-Day" or something along those lines, I thought I would go with my usual blunt and honest type posts - because meh, my blog my rules lol.

4 MAC Matte Nudes + Swatches

Ok, so I have a big thing for Nude Lipsticks. It is the shades I own the most of - the ones I swatch first, and typically the first shade I will buy from any new collection launched. It just speaks to me. Plus I tend to go heavy with the eye makeup resulting in me wearing a nude lipstick most days!

February: Goals, Wishes & Regrets

February is the gloomiest month of them all, so here is everything I am aiming to do this month, the goals I have planned, and what is on my shopping list! 

The Best Bronzers & Contour For Pale Skin + Swatches

Finding a contour shade and a bronzer shade when you are pale is near impossible, there is a very fine line between looking sun kissed, and looking like an oompa loompa. I'm sure we have all had those moments were we have looked in a mirror and thought *OMG* its usually at 3am in a club - but still... with these the chances of that happening are dramatically reduced. 

How I Manage Life As: Student / Mum / Working / Blogger

I doubt this is a huge surprise to everyone, but I am a pretty busy person. Something I don't really have the time to think much about - I just deal with it, it is what it is: Life. But a comment made me think the other day... I did a whole post on what a typical 48 hours in my life looks like in terms of the blog, and they thought I was a full time blogger. (Which I am not)

 So... I thought I would show you what my week really looks like. The chaos, and how I manage it all... and ill try to think of a better answer than Coffee, which is my typical response...

How I Gained 1,000 Followers On Bloglovin'

January 2016 I had 100 followers, as of January 2017 I have 1169 followers. That's a growth of just over 1000 in 12 months, and so far 2017 is looking to smash that. The most common thing I hear on Twitter is the struggle on growing Bloglovin'.. So I thought I would give my last post an update, and share with you all what works for me!

So here is my big secret...

PMD Personal Microderm Review*

Have you ever thought to yourself, ok ill try it.. but not be 100% sure if it is actually going to work? Well this was the case when PMD contacted me asking if I would like to try their Microderm kit. 

So I thought I would take the time to share my experience and the outcome from using the device for 4-5 weeks.