What I love About Being Single (On Valentine's Day)

nothing quite says single and alone like Valentine's Day. Being single isn't really something that bothers me - well unless I am cold and wanting a human sized hot water bottle - or needing someone to go to the cinema with (but even then the chances of a boyfriend wanting to go see Beauty & the Beast or 50 shades is probably quite slim)

So instead of composing a forced "What to buy your other half on V-Day" or something along those lines, I thought I would go with my usual blunt and honest type posts - because meh, my blog my rules lol.

1. The Crap Gifts
Everyone at some point or another has received some horrendous teddy with "I heart you" on the front of it, if your lucky it isn't the human sized one from Home Bargains - but either way it ends up in a cupboard  - with the rest in some form of teddy graveyard from Boyfriend's past.

2. "What are you doing for Valentine's Day"
Just because you are in a relationship does not mean you need to do anything, at least being single and replying "fuck all" is somewhat socially acceptable.

3. "Awww that Sucks"
No it doesn't, I don't need sympathy because I am single, especially on such a pointless "holiday" Do not pity my single state one day a year, especially when I have told you I am ordering Dominos. The only acceptable response to someone saying "I am ordering Dominos" is "Oh my god - I am jealous"

4. I HATE fancy eating out
My favourite places to eat typically include having to order at the till. eg. Mcdonalds, KFC, NANDOS. Anything above that I feel seriously uncomfortable, and suddenly very aware of how clumsy I am - for some reason boys are under pressure to book somewhere "nice" I cannot think of anything worse.

Simple, yet affective. If I am ordering a Chinese, I am ordering 2 meals - no I don't want to share, no I don't want to do halves, and yes I really do NEED ALL THAT. Stop being so judgy and get your own. This especially applies to Dominos - I do need a full large. That will do me my Tea, Breakfast and Lunch, don't take that away from me because you "can't finish a full one" MAN UP.

6. My TV & Movie Taste
It's a bit weird, one minute I'm watching Avengers, the next I am watching the Notebook... but I really hate having to justify my watching habits. And nothing annoys me more than the "What do you wanna watch" debate - because I never win it, I'm a pushover when it comes to movie selection, and sometimes I just want to watch Hurricane Bianca for the 50th time.

7. Binge Watching
When I get into a TV show I want to watch all 10 seasons in one week - it's just my favourite way of watching things, and the thought of having to wait on someone keeping up drives me completely batty.

8. Big Ass Panties.
Nothing makes me happier than wearing pants which come up higher than my high waisted jeans -he thought of having to opt for something more "sexy" AKA uncomfortable is just not appealing - same goes for pyjamas.

9. Nights Out
Nothing is worse than having a night out with your friends and having the pang of guilt for leaving them. It doesn't matter how laid back and free you are together there is always the thought in the back of your head that your not with them. I go home with a bag of chips, which some nights is much more entertaining - and a totally different type of guilt.

10. The Idea That Single = Unhappy.
I know this shocks a lot of people, but I am actually happy being single at the moment, I feel like it is something everyone needs to do - learn how to be happy alone. The whole "other half" thing - the idea that you are incomplete without another person is complete BS. Just because someone is single please do not automatically assume they are unhappy.

What are your plans this Valentine's Day? I will be sitting on the couch with a Dominos, probably watching Hurricane Bianca. Let me know in the comments below! :)



  1. Some of my workmates have the "single = unhappy" mentality to them, which is why I guess they sort of pitied me when I was alone.
    Ela | www.stealingyoursunbeams.wordpress.com

  2. I loved reading this post. There definitely shouldn't be a correlation between being single and that meaning the person is unhappy. I was perfectly content when i was single. Last year my first date with my boyfriend happened to fall on valentines day and soon it will be our one year anniversary. But doing a whole valentines day thing just isn't us, i don't the pressure people place on valentines day to either have a date or have a special day. If you have a great person in your life it doesn't matter what day it is or what you are doing per say. I'd take a chill night in my Pj's either by myself or with my boyfriend any day or typical valentines day stuff.


  3. Found this post whilst sitting doing 'fuck all'on Valentines and it has made me happier than I always was. I hate the mentality the single=unhappy because I am so happy being single and not having to share food, meals or anything else for that matter!!

  4. Haha this post made me laugh! It seems I am forever alone on Valentine's Day, not that it bothers me so I relate to this on another level! X

    Kate// itskaterose.com

  5. Yass, I love this! I love Valentine's, purely because I'm a total sucker for spreading the love and messaging all my friends and just generally being soppy, but I don't like a lot of the traditions. Today will be my second VD spent on my own whilst being attached and I'm not too sad about it. We might do something later in the week, we might not but we've other things on our plate that are demanding our attention right now! So my ideal night this evening will be a pizza, some wine, all the rom coms he hates, cosy pjs and the bed to myself. Love it!


  6. All the girls at college had a chat about what everyone was doing tonight (valentines day) most of the responses were..considering half of us have boyfriends... 'sod all' 'nothing' 'eating my body weight in food' 'having a nap'!! You do know what's great about valentines day being on a tuesday though.. Two for Tuesday!! It's a win win in my eyes, two pizzas all to yourself haha!
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

  7. I used to get so upset and desperate around this time of the year and it's all down to my insecurities. I have long learned that being single and loving myself is wayyyy better than being stuck with an arsehole.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  8. Good for you. This is a nice post.

  9. This post made me laugh out loud, loved it! I am happily single too, relationships are a lot of work and I would rather not waste my time with someone I don't see a future with. Also I like binge-watching series too Erin, hope you had a great day lovely xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  10. YES GIRL! I couldn't agree more with this post- Valentine's has never been a big deal for me I really couldn't understand why half my class was missing from Uni yesterday and the other half was mopey that they didn't have Valentines! I think there's so much pressure to do something major when you're in a couple and that's just not for me right now, glad to be happily single!


  11. Haha loved this, I feel the same girl!


  12. Haha, I love this! Being single isn't always as terrible as it's made out to be. I spent most of my 20's being single just because I wanted to be able to do what I want!

    Corinne x


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