July Favourites

I do love a favourite post, I just feel like it rounds up the month perfectly. Tying all the ends and moving onto something new. I also love looking back to see all the things I have loved, it just feels final, Goodbye July, hello August *gulp*

So here are the things I have been loving this month :)

July Nail Box Unboxing & Review*

When nail box contacted me asking if I would like to try out their nail subscription, how could I say no? I LOVE nail varnish, especially during the summer. So I was really excited to hear about their "paradise" box. 

So here was what was inside! 

What I Eat In A Day (Non Vegan & Non Healthy)

I spend a lot of my time watching YouTube videos, and reading endless blog posts. With that comes the constant appearance of "What I eat in a Day" type videos, boasting meals of Avacado, Quinoa and some form of Coconut Oil included recipe. While these posts are good, I often read them and feel a sense of deflation when I realise my diet and lifestyle is far from the blogging stereotype... and do I care? For about 5 minutes - yes, it gets me down until I realise I LOVE FOOD. Seriously I am overweight for a reason - its well earned in my love of food.. so the thought of giving up any food group by choice makes me want to cry.

My concern is that I am a very strong person, I can stand and say I don't want that, but to teens and people who suffer with eating issues... are they being badly affected by the new food trends, seeing constant #cleaneating on instagram, showing you how your meals are inferior... So this post is here to make people feel better about their diets, maybe yours is as bad, or maybe your better, but either way no shaming or guilt trips here, just a view at what I eat, no trends, no fads. Just typical. And I hope it helps you see what I am trying to say...

MakeUp: What I Look For

Every now and then I realise how picky, fussy and annoying I am when it comes to buying makeup... I am also very predictable - so I decided to write this post to show you the bits I look out for when i'm buying something new, wether it be formula, shade.. to see if any of you have different preferences, and maybe encourage you to write similar posts.. and maybe help me get over my pickiness...

Underrated Product: Lip Liners

I think one item that isn't talked about enough in the beauty world is the humble lip liner. Something I use daily, and something I feel everyone would benefit from using, seriously lipstick just sits and looks 10x better with it on. So I am reaching out to all of you to tell me which liners you love, which ones stand out from the crowd, and which ones I just NEED in my stash. 

To help, I have swatched my whole liner collection, just incase you are looking for some new ones too :) 

Buying a MacBook & First Impressions

So in case you don't follow me on snapchat (you really should btw, @MakeErinOver) I got myself a MacBook Pro this month...

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipstick Haul & Swatches


Ok so I have been banging on and on about doing a Charlotte Tilbury order for a year now. A YEAR. They have been in my wish lists for so long, and I just avoiding actually buying them.. but finally I have gave in and made a splurge, and I am SO happy with what has been delivered.. so here is a peek at what I got. 

What I Got: Next Summer Sale 2016

I swear one of the events I look forward to more than Christmas is the Next sale. But we get TWO (big ones) a year. In case you missed it, Saturday (at 5am) was the start of this years Summer sale, and I thought I would throw in an extra post on what I managed to get! (excuse the lighting, I suck at taking clothes photos!)

5 Reasons I'd Make A Cr*p Fashion Blogger

Fashion blogs to me are something I just love looking at, I love looking at beautiful outfits in stunning locations, I love finding new ways of wearing things, or finding new pieces to invest in, but as much as I love reading them, I would suck at actually doing the posts, and here are my top reasons for why...

July Empties

Another month, another empty post. I swear my empties are getting much smaller, especially in the candle department, which I shall explain shortly :) so here is everything I have used up in the month of July :) 

1 in 100: Urban Decay Vice Lipstick BackTalk (swatches)

Just in case you have missed it... Urban Decay have done their biggest launch yet. They launched an epic 100 lipsticks to replace their old collections. They are all divided into different finishes and shades. It's pretty incredible.
So the time came last week for me to try and decide which one I wanted from them. It's not an easy task picking 1 from 100. But this is the one I chose, and the results.

July: Wishes & Regrets


I swear this month has been interesting. I feel like I have spent thousands of pounds... but not really bought very much.. even though I have bought alot.. *sigh* So here are the things I have been dreaming of this month... and the things I really wish I hadn't bothered with! 

Festival Make Up & What to Take With You. #MyFestivalLook*

With T in the Park here and the rest of the festivals quickly approaching I thought I would talk through what makeup look to go for and the last minute essentials you should be taking with you this weekend. 

Bloglovin' - How To Use It, Gain Followers, and Make the Most Out of It.

So over the past 5-6 months I have really been focusing on increasing my Bloglovin' followers. But for months I really didn't know what to do or how to do it. I have read a few guides like this one from SkinnedCartree, which helped me get started.

So here is my experience with it, what I do, and what my results are!

One Brand Face - Seventeen*

So over last six months I have done quite a few posts featuring seventeen products, they seem to be the stand I go to the most in Boots. I hate paying high prices in "drugstores" especially when MAC isn't too much more. So when I am shopping drugstore, I expect low prices, but still keeping up on the quality. Seventeen just seem to match that description perfectly. I am yet to try something from them that I haven't been impressed with.