One Brand Face - Seventeen*

So over last six months I have done quite a few posts featuring seventeen products, they seem to be the stand I go to the most in Boots. I hate paying high prices in "drugstores" especially when MAC isn't too much more. So when I am shopping drugstore, I expect low prices, but still keeping up on the quality. Seventeen just seem to match that description perfectly. I am yet to try something from them that I haven't been impressed with.

So when Seventeen contacted me to say they had seen some of my posts online and they loved them, I was feeling a tad emotional - its so lovely to see that a brand has noticed how much you love their products, and how much time you have spent to post about them. So it really is an honour when things like this happen.

They then asked me if I would like to try anything else from them, now I have a fair bit of their products, so they decided to send me a mix of things they thought I might enjoy... needless to say it was like getting a Christmas present when the parcel arrived. Filled with goodies to try.

So after the parcel was dropped off, I layed out all the things I had bought myself over the past year... as you can see... its quite a lot. So I decided to do my first ever one brand face. All my makeup, with just using seventeen products.

Foundation is the one thing I don't have from them, but with my funny neutral pale tone it can often be a nightmare trying to find a match. As it's warmish at the moment I have actually been skipping applying foundation, so that is what I did today. I went without.

I love this stuff. Super fair, really pigmented, smooth and blendable, it really is ideal for days when you want a more natural finish.

I use this daily now, it is just so blendable, its rare to find a bronzer that doesn't make pale girls look orange, but this is a good one, well worth picking up.

I love this little blush, this is the one I reach for when I am feeling girly and want a little flush of pink. Really beautiful on, just gives a warm healthy flush.

my holy grail product this summer. Everyone needs this in their stash. So so beautiful on, just makes your skin glow in a way people will be wondering why you look so beautiful, without seeing its a highlighter. Goddess glow in a bottle.

I really struggle finding brow products that are dark enough for me, but this one manages it perfectly. I love the mini brush you get with this, and the setting wax is just fab. Great for on the go brow maintenance.

This eyeshadow palette really does have a bit of everything,  primer, cream colours and powders, matte and shimmery. I went for a basic pinky nude look.

Eyeliner: Seventeen Wet Look Liner  (£3.99)
Another holy grail item. Cannot live without this stuff now, if I have liner one, 100% chance its going to be this one. It just glides on beautifully. And of course the one day I want to take makeup photos it looks rubbish, damn my wobbily hand. Check it out here.

Mascara: Seventeen Long Lash* (£6.99)
Surprisingly beautiful and lengthening. I really like the brush on this, looks really simple, but just grabs the lashes like they should, worth trying out if you fancy something new.

Lips: Seventeen Stay Pout "Rule Breaker"* (£4.49)
My newest love. Seriously I don't care if it's summer, this colour is stunning. Perfect Matte shade that matches my new glasses perfectly lol. Cannot get enough of this one, will be perfect for Autumn.

Nails: Seventeen Gel Colour "Mint Cooler"* (£3.99)
Such a stunning shade, and got a good few days out of them before they chipped. I love these colours. They are just perfect for this time of year.

And I have just realised the pictures are missing one of my favourite items, the contour kit. Well done Erin, haha.

Which items do you love from Seventeen? Which items would you go for? Let me know in the comments below.

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*these items were included as a PR sample from Seventeen, but all opinions remain my own.


  1. Oh WOW !! I bet that was samazing hearing from a brand you enjoy buying from its nice to know they check !!! I love your collection and that its so big :)
    Great Post !!!!

  2. So happy for you lovely!!! Seventeen is a great brand, their price point is just so on the money, they really dont get raved about enough! x

  3. The highlighter looks awesome ! 😜

  4. Woow how cool for you to receive all those products <3 they look amazing and even better on you ofcourse :) <3 you've created a beautiful look with them. I actually have to admit I only have one single product from Seventeen (the define & conquer contour kit). But quality over quantity - it's an amazing product! :)
    Great post babes <3
    Emma xxx

  5. Ohh, good for you and well deserved! I've read lots of amazing reviews on this brand but unfortunately it's not available here in Canada. :-(

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  6. Well done for getting noticed! I haven't tried seventeen in years, I'll be looking out for them next time!

  7. Rulebreaker is such a stunning & pigmented shade. Wow. I actually haven't tried anything from Seventeen before. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  8. This lipstick is amazing! Wow, it looks so good on you! I remember Seventeen was probably the first brand I tried back in the days when I was experimenting with makeup when I was younger. I would love to try more products for sure!


  9. Great post, that's so nice that they recognised all the good work you have done for the brand and sent you a goodie box, It all looks lovely. Gemma x

  10. I've heard really good things about this brand, I wish it were available in Australia.

  11. Great look lovely defo so products to look out for thanks xoxo

  12. How lovely your reviews for the brand had been noticed and appreciated! I'm not surprised you were excited by this delivery haha :) This lip colour is SO gorgeous on you and oh my gosh, the Molten Metal swatch. Dreamy...

  13. Love the makeup, specially the glow!

    Happy Tuesday Doll! Ps: I'm hosting a Giveaway on the blog (Brand New Rose-Gold iPhone) I'd love if you entered. Kisses,

  14. I remember using Seventeen when I was in high school and liking it. Pretty make-up look!


  15. You have created a masterpiece using these goodies, hon. Why have I always walked past Seventeen?! I must check them out and rekindle the love :)
    Looking stunning, lovely <3
    xox Nadia

  16. The Molten Metal swatch is so pretty! I really rate Seventeen mascaras and also their shimmer bricks :)

    Jasmine xx

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