Festival Make Up & What to Take With You. #MyFestivalLook*

With T in the Park here and the rest of the festivals quickly approaching I thought I would talk through what makeup look to go for and the last minute essentials you should be taking with you this weekend. 

Boots actually sent me a surprise parcel earlier this week, I had a moment of "why me" feeling very honoured. Then had the "yes" moment when I realised this post was going up already this week, and the items included were perfect for finishing up this post. So this post does include PR Samples from Boots, but all opinions are of course my own and will mark all items gifted with a *...

I must admit I did do a little dance when I opened the box and seen this inside. I have been wanting to try this out for so long now.. so of course I had it all set up within minutes painting my nails.

The beauty of the Sensationail Polish to Gel Kit*  is its new Gel Formula can be used with your standard nail polish. The reason why I stopped getting my nails done at salons was because I missed buying the polish, so this to me is the perfect mix of both. Don't be thinking it is the same grade of "Gel" as the air dry polish, this gives the same finish as salon grade, zero chipping for a good week. 

So of course as true festival preperation I had to paint my nails in different colours. I just HAD to try out the kit with different polishes, different formulas, and I am happy to report back it works on all polish colours and types. YAY. Plus I do love an excuse for rainbow nails.  

There will probably be a full post on this beauty coming soon. I am seriously impressed! 

Boots also included their Sensationail Gel Polish in Rose Gold Glitter*  to try, so I (very badly) painted my two nails. It's so sparkley. This also works with the UV lamp, and they shouldn't budge for at least two weeks.

Sure its high hopes for flip flops at T in the Park, but you never know... you might loose a welly boot, at least you'll have pretty feet :)

Make UP
Ok, let's be real here. Any type of festival tends to include alcohol. The last thing you want to be doing after way too many drinks is worrying if your eyeshadow is still there and hunting down a mirror to touch up your lipstick... and with a few drinks in you you will emerge from a portaloo looking like Miranda Sings. 

For makeup I would be using a good concealer, my favourite right now is Seventeen WOW concealer.  It just covers what it needs to without looking cakey... I would be skipping the foundation all together - it's not going to last well through sweat/rain/alcohol, and it is the last thing you need to be worrying over.

For colouring go for a bronze glow look, lots of bronzer. Check out Bourjois' newly packaged Bronzing Powder*, perfect for giving you that summer glow for days like this, plus its cute new packaging is designed for festivals, so cute! Team it up with the Seventeen Wow Highlighter and a bright blush like this one from Sleek in "Life's a Peach". will have your skin looking flawless - but super easy to maintain (or ignore in this case, you'll look amazing all day, no touch ups) 

For a little festival spin I would opt for one of the Nyx bright liners. They come in all different colours, and you really can get creative with them, its just a shame I suck at drawing, I would be going for flowers or something like this down my face, or something way more impressive, but I suck at drawing. Next time maybe get a friend to help me? haha.

Next up pop on a good layer of the Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara* in the same limited edition packaging. I am seriously impressed with this, the volume is incredible.

To finish up pop on some lip balm, or easily maintained gloss, lipstick. I love the EOS lipbalms. This one smells so good! 

Braid it up! So on trend right now a french/dutch braid will ensure your hair is looking amazing whatever the weather. Finish up with some cute flowers or bands :)

What to Take with You
 This is when the mother inside me wants to send you all to boots to make sure you have everything you could ever need. My top tip for going to festivals is to be the person who seems to have everything, and has the product to solve anything. With these bits you are going to be sorted! 

Essentials (to go in a bumbag/secure bag)
(old) Phone. 
(Try to leave keys if you can)
Antibacterial Gel 
Perfume Sample. This Marc Jacobs Daisy* one has more than enough to last you all day.  

"Just in case items" (To go in a mini rucksack)
 Sun cream (I love this rub on one from the boots Kid Range. Face & Body safe) 
Hayfever Medication
Nail File
Socks (incase your feet get soaked) 
Sunglasses Case 
Phone Charger 
Power Pack
Pack-A-MAC. (Cause it ALWAYS rains) 

Top Tips/The Serious Bit
ALWAYS put a spare £20 in your bra, this will mean you always have a way home, and you always have a way to call for help. Even if you don't need it, its always good to have it there. 

Label your bag, label yourself. Sounds silly but I have seen way too many people too drunk at these events. Make sure you keep yourself safe. If you know you are going to be drinking a lot, get yourself a tempory tattoo, or even just a pen and write on your arm, your name, your DOB, and if you have any alergies. It's never nice to think something may happen, but if it does the paramedics on site will thank you for the information. If you have an iPhone it's also an awesome idea to set up the Medical ID, you can do this through the Health APP, and will give anyone the ability to view your history and contact your Family. 

Always have a "meet point" so if any of you get lost you know where to go to find one another.

Plan out your way home. If you are getting a lift make sure you have a meet point and time incase your phone dies. And make sure its all agreed before you even go.  

on a less serious note have an amazing time if you are going to any festival this year. Let me know in the comments below if you will be going to any, and what your top tips are? which makeup will you be going with? You can share your look on Instagram/Twitter by tagging @BootsUK and #MyFestivalLook (Make sure you tag me too of course)

*these items were included as a PR sample from Boots, but all opinions remain my own.
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  1. Lovely post Erin and good for you for getting a package from boots I'm well jel it looks amazing and that nail polish looks so good xoxo

  2. You make a good point about not wanting to worry about your makeup disappearing while having a good time - the same applies to when travelling/on holiday! You've listed some great tips Erin and I've no doubt this checklist will prove useful to many!!


  3. Lovely post! I'm going to Benicassim festival next week so I've nabbed a few of these essentials to put on my list, glad you reminded me about paracetamol haha!!

    Jen / Velvet Spring x

  4. Love your rainbow nails and the daisy on your cheek, I have a tattoo just like that

    Gemma x

  5. Brilliant idea with avoiding eyeshadow or if must use then maybe go with Maybelline Colour Tattoo that will last through rain or shine? I've never attended music festival, it was no huge back in Malaysia when I was younger.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  6. I feel like festivals are all about wearing the brightest yet beautiful make-up going!
    Charlotte // www.charlottespicks.com


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