Buying a MacBook & First Impressions

So in case you don't follow me on snapchat (you really should btw, @MakeErinOver) I got myself a MacBook Pro this month...

I finally decided on the MacBook Pro Retina Display 15" (£1599.99)

It has taken me forever to even decide which one I wanted. Apple is a confusing world!

Choosing a Model
I have had an iPhone now for around 6 years, and my iPad for over 4 years. I have never owned an Apple Mac of any kind though, I have always been a windows PC kind of girl.. so taking a step onto the apple side has been different, and scary!

The first barrier was deciding which one to get. Do I get a desk top or a laptop? I decided against the desk top as I will have college and uni to go to, its just not practical to have a desktop, even if I prefer them.

The next hurdle was deciding which laptop to go for. The MacBook was a straight up no once I seen the spec. It is essentially an iPad with a keyboard.... I need more from a PC.

The Air was sleek and beautiful, but again the spec just wasn't good enough, and the one USB and no memory card slot upset me.

Which left the Pro.

I decided on the 15" due to the size, and the processor. The 15" is faster, it could do everything I wanted it to and more... it was the one.

Payment and Where to Buy 
So now I had decided on the model, I had to decide on payment options and where to buy from. I decided to buy from Stormfront, which is an "Authorised Apple Retailer" mainly due to their care package. They offer 3 years guarantee at no cost when you buy from them, which is something I see as a huge bonus. I also loved their payment options.

So I opted for the "Buy Now Pay Later" scheme. The reason why I went for this one is the student discount (8%) couldn't be applied with the "Take 10" option.

Either way they are both interest free as long they are paid off by the end of their term. I have a £29 admin fee to pay though.

So in total I have £1516 to pay back in 6 months time, which is terrifying, but I have been putting money aside now, so it shouldn't be too much of an issue come January. That price includes the admin fee, and also a £39 hard shell plastic case.

First Impressions
Seriously, its lovely, I cannot stop staring at it, stroking it, just using it all the time.

Here are the things I have noticed so far, which I love about it: 
1. The apple sign on the back lights up.
2. the keyboard is a freaking dream to type on.
3. My texts and calls come through. It makes life simpler at home, no need to worry about the phone.
4. There is a twitter app.
5. I take a photo on my phone, and it's on the laptop too. No fuss.
6. The picture quality is incredible, the videos and netflix are better quality on here than on the TV.
7. It's fast, it does what it's told when it's told.
8. The charge lasts so long, hours and hours of Netflix long. SO GOOD!
9. It just knows me, it knows the websites I like, it sends me my texts and emails, it feels so personal.

Here are the things I have struggled with (and have had to Google):
1. how to copy and paste (cmd + C/V)
2. How to save a photo (Ctrl + Click)
3. Not being able to work the # key (Alt + 3)
4. Getting @ and " the wrong way round
5. Closing the window down is on the wrong side.
6. I really hate the DING noise it makes when you turn it on.
7. It doesn't fit into any of my bags

So overall the things I consider a downside are mainly just a learning issue, something I have sorted and figured out now, so I am loving it so far!

Is it worth it...
The most common asked question? Right now I am unsure, it's a new relationship and I am in love with everything about it at the moment.. in 6 months time once its all paid? Maybe I will be doubting it? But from what I have seen I am yet to meet anyone who has regretted completely buying one... so maybe ask me again in 6 months time, but as for now, its the one for me! :)

Do you have a MacBook? Which one? Do you love it? Or do you dream of owning one like me? Or maybe you know they aren't for you, Let me know either way in the comments below :)

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  1. I've had my 13" MacBook Air for a couple of years now and its still going so well. They ARE worth it. They last longer than windows and are so much more functional and intuitive (once you get used to the change). I grew up with Macs rather than PCS so am used to them.. I feel on a PC how most people feel when they touch a Mac! Haha. I think especially if you have a iPhone and an iPad, it just makes sense :)

    Alice | Whiskey Jars Blog

  2. I've wanted a MAC book for ageeees and have been looking into it over the past few weeks so this post is really helpful. As a photographer, the speed and quality of them is such a huge pull factor for me. Just need to start saving the £££s now!

    Katie xx ♥

  3. I love having a MAC but I recently switched back to Windows after mine broke - will be switching back as soon as I can though! :)
    Ambar | Her Little Loves

  4. I've just bought the same MacBook as you, It's taking time to get used to it but I'm loving it so far! xo

  5. YAY you got it love! Trust me you'll love it, at first it's hard getting used to Apple products but once you are you won't look back! I love mine!

    Hayley xo

  6. Great Post....Macbook is a must buy for everyone..its just awesome...xo, Neha

  7. I REALLY need to invest in a new computer whether that be a laptop of desk top and have no idea where to start! I think it's great that so many things can be bought on finance these days! Very jealous I hope it works great for you and you'll defo have to do an update after a while like a lasting impressions or something! X
    Jenny /

  8. Wondering why I don't follow you on instagram...problem solved! Loads of people love MACbooks and I feel that they are great for what they are, I would love one but I don't think I'd ever take the splurge!
    Charlotte //

  9. I saw it on Instagram! Congratulations! Very happy for you dear xx

  10. I would love a MacBook and your list of pros in convincing me more (especially that high Netflix quality!)but the price is so bloody scary especially considering I'm a student! It will probably be something I'll have to look forward to getting when I have a stable full time income, which is a shame because my laptop is so heavy for uni and my crappy tablet is so unreliable! Thank you for this post lovely, very informative! x

    |Georgia Megan|

  11. I'm getting a Macbook for starting University and this has made me more excited! x

  12. I have never owned a macbook before but my fiance swears by it! I find it difficult to use cause I never used one before. I need a new one cause my old is really old, but I think I will have to find a more affordable option cause this one is above my budget! Great review! :)

    Yiota x

  13. I love macs and have one too. Now I'm used to it I don't think I could switch back. Gemma x

  14. Hahaha great pros, a long charge and comfortable keyboard are musts! Great post, I think I want one now xxx

    AlLittleKiran - Bloglovin

  15. I love my Mac! Although the charge isn't what it used to be. I've had mine 2 years and it used to hold charge four about 5 hours, not its about an hour, maybe more. But it's 4 years old all together. I want to get a new one. I'd never go back to Windows now as my Windows laptops always get spyware etc and are unusable after a few months!

    Corinne x

  16. Interesting read! I've always been a PC user like you but Macs just LOOK so good and 'serious' bloggers seem to have them!! I was curious to hear about the actual benefits though, I love the sound of picture quality being amazing, mine just isn't quite cutting it which is a struggle as I've just started doing YouTube. It's a large investment though so I'll have to see!

    SinĂ©ad ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

  17. I would absolutely love to get an iMac but they are just soo expensive, I couldn't justify it. Obviously in an ideal world I would love an iMac and a MacBook Pro but for now, I will have to stick with my Windows 8 Laptop!! x
    Louise |

  18. After using windows it is really hard to get used to Mac, I am still struggling :) Enjoy using your new baby :) What will you be studying at uni?

    Ela BellaWorld

  19. I have never owned a MacBook, but I am planning to. Thank you for sharing this post, now I know what exactly to expect for :)

    Come visit us soon
    Makeup, Style and Sugar

  20. I'm also wondering if to get one or not. Will have to change my current laptop quite soon, so a detailed review would be relaly helpful! Thanks for the great article babe! x

    Have a nice day,

  21. I used to have a PC and it was the most frustrating and annoying thing ever! I went for the MacBook Pro as well and it's great. The interface is just so much easier to navigate once you get the hang of it :)
    Love from Boston,
    Charlotte Luisa

  22. I remember getting my macbook pro 13inch a while ago and it was definitely odd getting used to because I had been on PC for so long. Within weeks you'll definitely get used to it and it's just a matter of using it often :)
    Kathy x

  23. I am in the same boat as you! Looking for a laptop and trying to decide between a PC and Mac. My husband is straight up Mac, me I have always used PC. We have iPhones, Ipads, Apple TV and he has a Mac desktop. I am pretty sure the Pro is what I will end up getting but worried about the learning curve.

  24. I have had my Macbook Pro for about a year now and it is probably one of the best things I have ever purchased! So glad you got one for yourself!


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