What I Got: Next Summer Sale 2016

I swear one of the events I look forward to more than Christmas is the Next sale. But we get TWO (big ones) a year. In case you missed it, Saturday (at 5am) was the start of this years Summer sale, and I thought I would throw in an extra post on what I managed to get! (excuse the lighting, I suck at taking clothes photos!)

Both Jumpers were £10, down to £5 each.

AJ loves trucks and emergency vehicles. He will LOVE this jumper. I think I may put this one away for his birthday :)

Adventure Time t-shirt, Hulk t-shirt & the coolest ever simpsons t-shirt, which I wish I could get in my size. All were £12, now £6.

3 pairs of jeans too, I swear 5 year olds constantly need new jeans, he goes through the knees ALL THE TIME. Drives me bonkers. But these are all in the next size up, so were needed. £14 now £7.

These are everything. I want them in my size. I mean who wouldn't want storm trooper PJ's? They are so cool. (Were £20 now £10)

These were an urgent need. His current swim shorts are in 3-4 and give him a wedgey now, so new ones! They are pretty funky too, I love the contrast :) Both were £10, now £5. 

The adult range is never as exciting as the kids section....

But I did pick myself up a shirt dress (which is the cutest and most comfortable thing ever) I kept picking this up in store at full price, luckily it was still in store in my size, so I just had to have it. £15 instead of £30 is pretty good too.

The house top was a bit of a random pick, but it is so cute. Perfect for more adult nights out :) (£10 down from £20)

The final black top has tassels along the bottom and came with a scarf attached. I kept seeing this in store, so I caved and got myself it. £10 for a scarf and top is fab too (was £20)

The duck swimming costume was a random pick, but my best friend's little girl will be one soon, and she will look flipping adorable in this. It was a must for her. £5.50 from £11.

The bathmat was one of the top things I had been after. I love it, such a random thing to buy, but I love the stripes, and I want to change the bathroom. Perfect excuse. £7 (was £14)

So in total I spent an epic £116.50, saved the same amount though. Which is what I love about the next sale. It is always half price, no little amounts off.

Did you go to the next sale this year? What did you get? Let me know in the comments below :)

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  1. Great haul, I love the Next kids clothes and get most of my kids clothes from there too. Gemma x

  2. You got so many cute and cool pieces. Nice haul.


  3. Gotta love a sale, great picks I always used to get my kids stuff in the next sale xoxo

  4. Oh I love a good summer sale! That simpsons tee is so cool, wondering if I could find it in a size that would fit me ;)

    Alice | Whiskey Jars Blog

  5. you picked up some great things in your haul! xx

    Georgia | The Weekend Attic

  6. You've got so many bargains here! I only picked up a pair of jeans!
    Charlotte // www.charlottespicks.com


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