MakeUp: What I Look For

Every now and then I realise how picky, fussy and annoying I am when it comes to buying makeup... I am also very predictable - so I decided to write this post to show you the bits I look out for when i'm buying something new, wether it be formula, shade.. to see if any of you have different preferences, and maybe encourage you to write similar posts.. and maybe help me get over my pickiness...

I am expecting a high coverage, but without cake effect. Most of all I am expecting the shade to be correct. I am pale with a neutral undertone (Yellow Based) so when I am watching in store I am looking out for my shade more than anything, it needs to be just right... or i'm not buying it. It also has to blend in flawlessly & cover the red on my knuckles. 
Prefect Example: Nars Sheer Glow in "Gobi" 

Just like the foundation my main issue is shade. Mostly I look out for whiter than white concealers. Most are not pale enough to highlight, so that is my biggest concern... the next one is the texture. I cannot handle balm like concealers, they are too much effort to blend without looking cakey. I also stress over the process of blending them, I don't want to be pulling at my eye bags more than I need to be, so tube liquid concealer is best. I simply won't buy anything else now. 
Perfect Example: Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer.

HAS to be pigmented, I will run my finger across it once and if I am not getting a full stripe of pigment on my arm I simply will not buy it. It also needs to be even, thick and buttery. I cannot stand bad quality eye shadow, the thought of it makes me weep. Colour wise any warm toned shadows are the one for me... especially gold shimmery ones... I cannot say no to them (hence why I have so many!)
Perfect Example: Urban Decay Naked Palette (Half Baked is THE one)

Liquid Liner: 
Smudge proof, Quick Drying, SUPER black, honestly my demands are never ending. The brush also needs to be thin but workable, I also need to see a clear even black line on my hand (without the brush/applicator leaving its own mark) not a lot to ask right? well it seems it is, cause eye liner is a nightmare to find. It also needs to last a good 12 hours swatched on my hand before I buy... minimum! 
Perfect Example: Seventeen Wet Look Liner

Powdered or cream to powder, no sticks, liquids or gimmicks. It also needs to be pigmented but not too pigmented, no glitter. The packaging also needs to be nice, I like blushes to look pretty... shallow I know but it is a product I enjoy looking beautiful. Colour wise a dusky mauve/pinky shade will do perfectly... meet all the above requirements then it shall be mine.
Perfect Example: Hourglass Ambient Lighting in "Mood Exposure" 

The biggest issue I have with highlighter is finding one pale enough to highlight my skin and not just look like I have put gold eyeshadow on my cheeks. It needs to be icey or cool toned typically. I also prefer powder, but love a liquid (as long as it doesn't move my foundation under). As for the formula I need a good swatch of high pigment on my arm to be interested. and no chunky glitter. Nothing worse.
Perfect Example: The Balm Mary Lou-manizer 

Lip Liner: 
Pencil not twist up, twist ups break or don't last as long. But it also needs to be super creamy, which is hard in a pencil format... the best ones are the ones which are not wooden but plastic, but still need sharpened. They too need to last a good 12 hours on my hand before I will buy them. Harsh demands, but they need to fulfil their purpose.
Perfect Example: Urban Decay 24/7 Liner 

Buttery Smooth, not patchy, not greasy, not shiney, preferably Matte, SUPER opaque, hate see through... and definitely NOT sticky. Smell is also an issue, it needs to smell good (I'm talking to you Loreal, you smell icky) The bullet shape also needs to be easy to work with (not flat & round) The packaging also needs to be pretty... it's going to be in my handbag, I want it to look pretty and feel nice to re apply out and about. The lid also needs to stay on well, no faffing about. Colour wise I am always drawn to a nude. No matter how many I already own.
Perfect Example: MAC "Honey Love" 

Liquid Lipstick: 
HAS to dry down. HAS to be non sticky and non flakey. Cannot transfer. Without either of those I won't even consider buying it. Tacky lips are horrible and I hate the feeling, so lipgloss and sticky lipsticks are my idea of hell. The Smell is also a factor, but if it meets the above then it shouldn't stink for long. It too has to be super pigmented and not require layers. One and done.
Perfect Example: Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks 

Make Up Brushes: 
I much prefer round dense brushes, but of course it depends on the use. For buying them I just need a good shape for its use, it also needs to have super soft bristles, I prefer spending more and getting the right shape for its use, as it can make the world of difference. In my opinion you cannot go wrong with Real Techniques. They smash it with all their brushes.
Perfect Example: Real Techniques Sculpting Brush

So, now that I have aired out my fussiness on what I expect I can ask are you fussy about things too? Let me know in the comments below :)


  1. I love so many of the products that you use as examples! I especially enjoy the Nars foundation and concealer. They're great together!

  2. Lovely post! I'm definitely pick with my liquid liners and gel liners.

    Nicole | In The Life of NM // Enter My Giveaway!

  3. This is such a great post idea:)

    Emily xo

  4. I know that there's a brand which has just launched a white concealer which I'm excited by to mix with other concealers but I can't think who it is - maybe Too Faced, Tarte or Makeup Forever! xx

    Gemma • Miss Makeup Magpie ❤️

  5. When it comes to thinking about what I look for the main thing for me is the foundation, it has to be full coverage!
    Charlotte //

  6. I've never seen a post like this but I love it! In my local drugstores (and it seems like all drugstores in America) you can't really test products before you buy them so it's hard to tell if I'm going to like it before I've already gotten it home and opened it. I usually end up reading lots of reviews on it instead!

  7. Great post! As a fellow pale girl I couldn't agree more about concealer! It can be such a challenge! I love the NARS one you mentioned.

    xo, Liz

  8. My number one rule for lipsticks is that is must smell nice. I hate lipsticks that smell bad or have a granny smell or have an industrial smell on them. How difficult is for brands to create a lipstick that smells nice. Great and original post girl, loved it!


  9. I'm so with you with the foundation and concealer! high coverage pale shade please! Personally I love a blush with a bit of shimmer to it :)

    corrie |

  10. When there are so many products in the market, we have high expectations. Even though I am not pale, I struggle finding a perfect base shade, I am usually in between colour and I don't really like the idea of getting two products. I wish there would be some special service that finds your shade and makes a foundation just for you :)

    Ela BellaWorld

  11. Yes so true on so many levels. Stick blushers and liquid blushers just move my foundation underneath and I'm like no. please no. I am yet to find that perfect liquid lipstick, all of them flake and look vile and basically are a waste of money - eek! Mac lipsticks are always on the go for me - the one thing I have to say is that they do melt if they are put in the heat! After 'the hottest day of the year' had to shove mine in the fridge before it went funny! xx

  12. Liquid concealers are also what I look out for - they're usually high impact for minimal effort. Though, like you, finding light enough shades can often be a struggle! Have a lovely week :)

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  15. I am SUPER picky when it comes to makeup too. My main problem is that I am NOT willing to spend much, which is why I barely have anything high-end. 99% of my products are from the drugstore, but even then, I'm super picky when it comes to quality. Great post, girlfriend.

  16. Great post I to have got fussier about choosing makeup as I have made to many errors in the past xoxo

  17. Ah hun - I love that palette, all the colours are absolutely stunning!! Hope you have a lovely weekend :)

    Layla xx

  18. I loved reading this post! I definitely feel you with the foundation/concealer situation. I also cannot seem to get into cream blush BUT i recently tried a color pop blush and they are wonderful, easy to use, doesn't wreck the foundation and easily blendable.

  19. I'm quite fussy when it comes to sticking to brands that I know, I don't often branch out! However living in a different country I haven't been able to get some of the brands I usually use so I have tried out some new ones and found some hidden gems xo


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