5 Reasons I'd Make A Cr*p Fashion Blogger

Fashion blogs to me are something I just love looking at, I love looking at beautiful outfits in stunning locations, I love finding new ways of wearing things, or finding new pieces to invest in, but as much as I love reading them, I would suck at actually doing the posts, and here are my top reasons for why...

1. Camera Person
To be a fashion blogger you typically need a helper to help you take photos for your blog, a friend or partner to take a million photos of you to get the right ones for a post... The only person I really have around to do it is my 5 year old son, he wouldn't be happy with doing it, and all photos would be taken at waist height... not a good look.

2. Self Confidence
I have none, so even in a million photos I would probably only find about 2 I liked, and even then I would probably have my eyes half shut. I know I am not in any way HUGE. But to me I am, so the thought of having to post full body shots on my blog.. no. I just couldn't face it.
There is also the issue of me only wearing things that cover 90% of my body. I consider "Summer Clothes" to be the same as all year... but with slightly cropped leggings compared to full length.

3.  Style Vs Comfort
I'm not saying I don't have any.. but I don't. I'm more of a comfort kind of person.. sure I will have a few outfits I think I look "cool" in, but the rest of the time I am in leggings and a t-shirt/dress... cause I'm comfy that way.. & comfort wins 9/10 times for me. I also love Bridget Jones style pants, so anything overly tight that I need to wear small underwear with is just out of the question.

4. I'm Cheap
Chances are if I am wearing anything it's from Primark. A good 90% of my outfits are from there... So my blog would just be an Ode to primark.

5. Out Of Season
Even all my primark things are out of season, I own primark dresses 4 years old and I still wear them all the time. Everything I own that isn't primark, has been bought in a sale. Which means you can no longer buy it. So the posts would be pointless... "look at my dress, you can't buy it anymore.. yaaaay" It wouldn't be productive.

So there is my reasons why I would make a truly terrible fashion blogger. What's yours? or are you a fashion blogger? how do you deal with the camera situation? How do you find your confidence?

I do LOVE reading fashion blogs, it just isn't for me. This post was inspired by a few PR emails asking to try out clothing.. my response is always "I would be terrible, not what you are looking for" I do however point them in the direction of Fashion Bloggers who I think would love to work with them, so hopefully they have then gone on to contact them!

Do you have anything you know you would just be terrible at? Let me know in the comments below :)

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  1. These are also all of the reasons why I'd make a crap fashion blogger and why I never attempted to be one! Haha.

    xx, Richel Goes Places

  2. Love the honesty of this post! Although I too have Primark dresses that are at least 5 years old... Haha!
    April xx


  3. Agree with all of this! Haha. But I can relate to number 1 the most. I wonder how fashion bloggers can have their photos taken in public places.

    Jorj | Mad Cherry

  4. LOL! Your style and mine sounds similar, my clothes are mostly old too and I buy things that are on sale and cheap. LOL! I think you and me have the same reasons for not doing fashion, I have done some fashion posts but it's very rare.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  5. Honestly these are all 100% me, I wear the same clothes until I grow out of them, they fall apart or my style changes. Also I only ever wear jeans, usually the same three pairs, my blog would get boring after a week!


  6. Omg this so relatable, especially number 1! I have my parents but they are not exactly camera experts and I can always feel them judging what I am doing or getting frustrated!

    Emma’s World X

  7. Can you point them in my direction lol!! I am lucky my hubby takes my photo's and we have learned together what makes for a good photo xoxo

  8. Have to agree. The photographer part is by far the most tricky and annoying part, so I always have to shoot outfits in batches when I have someon willing around. Also not many people are interested and excited about taking pictures of me so I've mastered the art of flatlaying and use that now and again. I can understand your last point, but style is timeless and a nice outfit doesn't neccessarily mean someone shops it straight away. Sometimes fashion posts are mere inspiration and I think you would provide that!

    Caz | Style Lingua

  9. I relate so much to this haha - I do love the idea of it but posing awkwardly whilst my boyfriend attempts to take pictures of me in public... D: I would also feel like I had to keep buying in-season clothes too

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty | US & Sephora Giveaway

  10. I totally agree with all of these points haha! I have absolutely no sense of style and everything I own is covered in cat fur, I'd be an awful fashion blogger. But I agree, they are so lovely to look at!

    Beth x

  11. This was such a great post! I am also all about the comfort lifestyle hahaha, theres nothing worse when you're out all day and you regret all your outfit choices :)
    Kathy x

  12. I'm definitely here with you, I don't have anyone to take photos either. Or I feel to awkward to even ask anyone! I'm also a comfort out of season dresser too, I always opt for something easy I can sit around in rather than sit uncomfortably! xx

    Tamz | http://www.throughneweyesx.com

  13. Haha I'm the same. I only have myself to take pics and my full body shots are terrible! I also find writing about fashion a little boring too lol

  14. I love fashion and I do have a few fashion posts, but I don't dress up everyday. For me, I don't want my time with my fiance to just be him taking photos of me. He doesn't mind it, he loves it and says anytime I want photos he will take them (and with enthusiasm too). We just live half an hour away from each other so our time together is limited (until we get married). Also, I feel like a lot of fashion bloggers are paid to say "I love this, love that..." it feels more ingenuine and dull than a beauty blogger...although fashion has always been my first love before makeup



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