What I Eat In A Day (Non Vegan & Non Healthy)

I spend a lot of my time watching YouTube videos, and reading endless blog posts. With that comes the constant appearance of "What I eat in a Day" type videos, boasting meals of Avacado, Quinoa and some form of Coconut Oil included recipe. While these posts are good, I often read them and feel a sense of deflation when I realise my diet and lifestyle is far from the blogging stereotype... and do I care? For about 5 minutes - yes, it gets me down until I realise I LOVE FOOD. Seriously I am overweight for a reason - its well earned in my love of food.. so the thought of giving up any food group by choice makes me want to cry.

My concern is that I am a very strong person, I can stand and say I don't want that, but to teens and people who suffer with eating issues... are they being badly affected by the new food trends, seeing constant #cleaneating on instagram, showing you how your meals are inferior... So this post is here to make people feel better about their diets, maybe yours is as bad, or maybe your better, but either way no shaming or guilt trips here, just a view at what I eat, no trends, no fads. Just typical. And I hope it helps you see what I am trying to say...

I would also like to take this moment to say I have nothing against Vegans, or Healthy Eaters, what I have an issue with is them pushing their lifestyle and beliefs onto other people and demanding they believe the same as them. Vegan right now is a phase, its trendy to be this way, and yes everyones intentions are very good, but please do not expect others to be the same, please do not place guilt on others, do not be cruel or nasty. Everyone has a right to eat what they want and not be ashamed of anything.. there should be no fear of someone coming along saying "your wrong for eating that" your body.. eat whatever you want, your blog/IG/YouTube, post what you want!

Coffee. ASAP. Seriously I cannot function without one most days, while that cools I reach for a yoghurt. I am normally way too shattered to even consider heating anything or actually cooking something, so the chances of any omlettes before lunch time for me are 0.
This morning I had a chocolate flake yoghurt. Pretty standard for me, chocolate before 9am is totally allowed if you are mixing it in with yoghurt right?  
For coffee I usually have one of these Nescafe Sachets. The coconut one is awesome, this is made with cow milk, it just has a coconut flavour, either way it tastes good. 
To make me feel better I usually have an apple mid morning too, even out all the chocolate haha.

By 12 I am normally thinking I should be healthy. It always starts off well, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes. Then I throw in some ham to beef it up a bit, Boursin to make it taste better (cheese makes EVERYTHING taste better) and a generous helping of Thousand Island to make the whole thing edible. By the time its all in the bowl it tastes pretty awesome. Even if its now beyond healthy.

As for a drink I rarely drink water, I know I should but its just so flavourless. So I usually go for sparkling fruit water, or just diluting juice.

Around 3 I tend to get hangry. And its always for something sweet. If we are out and about its usually an ice cream, but today we had our homemade ice lollies. This one is made from fresh orange juice and Haribo Fangtastics. They taste AWESOME. You can find more recipes here.

Hello quick and easy. Cooking for just me seems pointless, so right now I am in love with ready meals. They are so easy, watch a YouTube video until they ping, and I don't end up with enough leftovers to do me a week. It just works for me right now, and this one is my favourite. Pasta mixed in a cheesy tomatoey almost lasagne type sauce with pepperoni... can't get much better than this for a micro meal! 

At 7pm AJ goes into the shower and I clean the kitchen, I scrub down all my surfaces and wash and dry the dishes. I put AJ to bed, then I come to the kitchen and make a HUGE cup of tea. with loads of sweetners and cow milk. Nothing beats that moment. Peace, at last.

Yeah, so I cant just stop there. At about 8.30-9.00 I get the munchies. ALWAYS. Recently the obsession has been with Candy Kitten... not because they are vegan or gluten free, but because they taste AMAZING. SO SO GOOD. I love the Sour Watermelon ones the best. I'm not going to lie either, most nights I will eat the full bag. Sometimes I can restrain myself, but typically the whole thing is gone while I am on twitter chats or binge watching netflix...

So I did promise this post would be real, and it is. Honest and unedited. This is a very standard day for me, and I will not appologise for it. Sure my eating could be a lot better, but I just cannot be arsed spending a day a week meal prepping... but more importantly I cannot afford to live like that, I think people see a healthy Vegan lifestyle as a class thing now, as it is expensive... really expensive. (Like coconut yoghurt is £3.50 for 250g, compared to normal cow yoghurt at 45p for 250g. I think for £3.05 saving on yoghurt alone I would rather live with the guilt! #sorryvegans)

So let me know your thoughts on this whole phase at the moment? Do you love a "What I eat in a Day" posts? Do you live a super healthy clean lifestyle? If you havent already I would highly recommend checking out "Clean Eating's Dirty Secrets" It is available here on BBC3 iPlayer, a vlogger Grace Victory investigates eating trends, and I found it really interesting, and really goes into the new diet crazes going about. Well worth watching!

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  1. Love this post! I think your food isn't that unhealthy really, it's all within moderation! But I love the honestly, you don't get that very often on blogs now days!

  2. Everything looks yummy especially your lunch. I have nothing against Vegans either. I just strongly believe like you said, it's more of a trend now. Each day there's more and more of them online which might be good in a way because we're saving our planet, animals and stuff but.. Tbh everyone who isn't vegan is being kind of bullied by Vegans. That's something that really upsets me sometimes. Everyone has its own diet and we should all appreciate each others ways of eating..

    1. Yeah that is my main issue, I hate to see people being attacked over the way they eat to the point the don't want to post a picture of a ham sandwich.. its just gone too far! :) Enough is enough :)

  3. I have so many issues with the so-called "Clean Eating" movement. It's very classist, racist, and ableist, and somewhat sexist to boot. It also has been found to massively contribute to eating disorders. There's a fantastic article from Vice from this May that gets into some of those aspects. Here it is if you want to have a look: http://www.vice.com/en_uk/read/ruby-tandoh-eat-clean-wellness

    But my issues personally are numerous enough to break them down in bullet-point style:

    1- Cost: The average cost of all the ingredients so many youtubers and bloggers showcase are waaaaay out of the budget for the average person (in my case American with 3 passports...). Not only does it put pressure on people to go out and buy expensive foods they don’t have the money for, in many cases those foods are specific sponsored brands. I can make a perfectly healthy meal that costs a tenth of many of those meals, and lasts me for 3 days. It just doesn’t involve Kale, some form of fancy non-dairy milk, or having to make applesauce from scratch. It also adds insult to injury given that 48.1 MILLION Americans are food-insecure (source: http://www.feedingamerica.org/hunger-in-america/impact-of-hunger/hunger-and-poverty/hunger-and-poverty-fact-sheet.html)

    2- Time (and sexism): Assuming most people have the time to make 3 full, fancy-pants home cooked meals is just idiotic and mean-spirited. People who go to work or school full-time (or both, or even part-time) do not have the time to spend 3 hours a day cooking or a whole day of the week “prepping” meals. Additionally, that pressure is primarily placed on women, as part of what’s called the “second shift”, which is basically women having a full time job and then being expected to do all household work. Women face enough pressure and self-esteem issues about what they “have” to do, throwing this on the pile feels an awful lot like the straw that breaks the camels back.

    3- Sourcing and Neocolonialism: A lot of these “superfood” ingredients are just normal, average ingredients in other areas of the world, but being market as “exotic” which is pretty racist. It’s also causing problems for locals in the regions where those foods are grown. Quinoa is THE major staple calorie in places where it’s grown like Bolivia. As demand has risen, so has price, and not enough is being produced so major food shortages are happening for people, especially those in the rural areas where it’s grown. It’s also led more people there to buy cheaper starch products, and an increase in obesity and attributed diseases like diabetes has already been noted, in addition to the malnutrition issues.

    4- Sourcing and Environmentalism: Not a lot of clean eating types really know what it takes to product certain ingredients. For example, almonds require a ton of water to grow, and are being grown in many areas experiencing drought like parts of California. So all that almond flour or almond milk comes at a price that may actually be bigger than dairy.

    5- Ableism: This is more of a personal thing as I currently have major spine issues so I cannot cook for myself. I’m a good cook and I miss it which is bad enough, but being told that I’m a “bad person” for not cooking is REALLY hard on days I am in too much pain to even get out of bed.

    Sorry for the extra-long post. Just really passionate about this topic.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to type up your comment, it really does mean a lot, and you know I feel the same way, it angers me over the price more than anything, saying we aren't good people unless we pay £££ for vegan alternatives, its shocking, and people should be able to eat what they want without being a victim!

  4. Love this post, I was only thinking the other day I was sick of seeing people ram the Vegan thing down my throat I seriously dunno what they eat, and its mega expensive its bad enough I can't drink cows milk as soya milk is pricey xoxo

  5. I love this post! I'm so sick of seeing 'what I eat in a day' filled with basically nothing - it's so damaging for people to have shoved down their throat! I don't think your day is unhealthy, however :) I think everything in moderation is great. Plus your lunchtime salad looks amazing! Thank you SO much for sharing this.

    Alice | Whiskey Jars Blog

  6. Really enjoyed this post! It's really refreshing to see a what-I-eat post that actually seems doable! I adore Muller yoghurts as well, totally agree about how chocolate with yoghurt is 100% acceptable as breakfast 😉 I've never tried Candy Kittens but they look fab! Thank you for sharing your meals!

    Abbey ✨ www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

    1. haha yes chocolate in yoghurt is the best invention ever lol

  7. I really like your honesty. It's so difficult seeing all these bloggers and youtubers with their avocadoes and almond milk - it makes you feel like you're not normal. So I found this post very refreshing! Well done xx

  8. This post was great very realistic and you can tell that! I watched and read a lot of 'What I Eat In A Day' posts in the beginning but once it because a trend I noticed how unhealthy it is for people have a 'normal diet' as a student the vegan lifestyle just isn't really realistic plus I love food so it's lovely to see one that I can actually relate to!

  9. I am not one of these people who eat extra healthy and tell people to do so, but I make sure to eat properly and try to stay away from the junk food as much as possible. In the end what I believe is, we have one body to look after and why ruin it? Like most of us, I like snacking but I make sure to do it once in awhile and staying away from sugar is one of the things I tend to do too.
    It gets really annoying when people just force you to follow what they do. I am not vegan and I don't think I will ever be vegan, but I respect them and hopefully they can respect non-vegans too :)
    I haven't tried that coconut latte, I should give it a try!

    Ela BellaWorld

  10. Hahah loved this, all the ' What I Eat In A Day' are always so healthy, so glad that you included candy etc! It's too delicious to stay away from! Xx


  11. I love you more after reading this post! YASSSS, finally someone like me! Haha! I have no problems with clean eating too, each to their own as I always said but don't try and shove your ways down my throat and guilt me into thinking I should follow your ways.

    I cook 5-6 days a week but that's because I am a stay at home mum and I freaking passionate about cooking, many don't have the same time and passion. I make sure we have a good balance meal, there's always fruits and vegetables and I think that's healthy and good for my family.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Thats the problem, I like trying to eat healthy, but I do it for me, not because I'm being pressured by others to do it :)

  12. Thank you so much for doing a more average and relatable eating post!


  13. Your typical day still seems much healthier than mine! I also rarely drink water, it's so bland to me.


  14. You say 8:30 - 9 pm is a late night snack, while for me that's a normal time for dinner XD
    Great post btw :D

    1. haha we have dinner at 5, cause my son goes to bed at 7! So if i'm alone I do tend to eat a lot later :)

  15. The pepperoni pasta LOOOOKS absolute DEEEELIIISH!


  16. LOVE what I eat in a day posts, just because I love to get inspiration on what to make! (even if it is non healthy) I tend to eat clean as much as I can. It can get a little hard during the summer since we tend to have a lot of family gatherings!
    x Kenzie

  17. Loved this post, your diet don't look too bad to be honest. Haha mine is a lot worse at the moment... I blame it on the kids being off school.

    Have a lovely day.
    Gemma x

  18. Great post, loved that it was a honest one! As for breakfast, I use to eat cow yoghurt as well, but mixed with some seeds and fresh fruits. Didn't even hear of coconut yoghurt before, can't catch up with all this "new food" lol. x

    Have a great day,

  19. Thank you for sharing! I am not vegan but I would love to try it just to experiment :)


  20. I love how open you are with your readers! Those watermelon candies look AMAZING :D

    Edye | Http://gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

  21. I follow a lot of healthy eating accounts on Instagram and on Youtube, I personally love them as I find them inspiring. I'm vegetarian, not vegan, but I love watching what vegans eat to get some healthy meal ideas. None of the ones I follow try and force you into it, of course they sometimes talk about positives about being vegan but that's it.

    I can see how some people might end up feeling bad after watchings these diets and feeling bad about what they eat, but it's a hard one because you can't not share what you eat incase it triggers insecurities in others - I think as a society we feel the need to walk on eggshells around people as to not upset them. It's similar to the whole debate about beautiful instagrams giving unrealistic expectations about how someones life is - but what if that person wants a beautiful instagram? Surely people are clever enough to realise that someone is only going to share the best things on there. I don't go to work and start telling everyone all my problem and sharing the rubbish parts of my life, I wouldn't do it on social media either, so I sometimes don't get the whole desire to be raw and honest in really personal ways. It's okay to keep your bad days to yourself.

    My instagram is full of healthy recipes and I find it very motivational to post them - like if I'm thinking about what to eat, I'll go with a healthy option just so I can upload a picture of it! Haha.

    I wouldn't say your diet was unhealthy, just an average diet I guess! You've got fruit and veg in there, that's the most important thing!

    Corinne x

    1. I think the problem is around how people who eat a standard diet, meat, dairy etc, are now at risk of being attacked by vegans who feel they are right, and we are wrong. Its quite upsetting that it has gotten to that point. I highly recommend watching Grace Victory's show though, I'm sure you would love it, I found it really really interesting, it talks about Orthorexia, and how some of the biggest wellness bloggers are not nutritionalists, and how quite a few of them could be considered as having an eating disorder because of the image they are trying to maintain, its super shocking! I really love trying to eat healthier, and I love following people who motivate me, but its becoming quite negative, rather than being a positive environment :(

  22. It's nice to read a more realistic What I Eat in a Day! I try to be healthy but I'm tired, busy and travel a lot so I definitely sometimes have to value convenience and getting an extra half an hour to myself over spending 20 minutes cooking some quinoa. I definitely want to be better but for me it's all about making small changes that fit in with my lifestyle :)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty | US & Sephora Giveaway

  23. The Candy Kittens treats look delicious!!

    Lots of love from Mollie xxx - The Perks Of Mollie Quirk

  24. Lovely post dear. It is so freshening to read that you eat such a healthy food. With me it can happen only on few days. the Food looks real healthy and nutritious. ...:)


  25. Great post! I remember as a little kid we would always make our own popsicles and I haven't done that in ages!!
    Kathy x

  26. I love food toooo.. I think people should eat whatever they feel like really. Its important to eat healthy and take care of our bodies in general but the way people go about it kinda ruins it. Eating clean doesn't mean just eating salad.. and you can be a vegn and eat crappy food too, just not from animals. People make it a trend on social media but I doubt in real life they actully follow most of the things they talk about. I get so annoyed with the judging ones, calling non vegan "you meat eaters" and what not. I think its better to educate people on why its important to be healthy and leave them the choice rather than judge people that live a different lifestyle than the on we chose.
    i like this post!I the salad looks so yummy.. I used to be addicted to those corner yogurt :P. You should do a tutorial for the homemade lollies.
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss


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