Jeffree Star Cosmetics ICE COLD skin frost Review and Swatches + UK DELIVERY

Say hello to my newest love.

Seriously it is beyond perfection, and so worth the hassle and fuss to get your hands on. So here is how I got mine, how it arrived, and how much I paid to get it here - ill also include lots of pictures and swatches next to Mary Lou (my most loved up to now)

Ok, so there is a lot of issues going on just now with the delivery of these. Quite a lot of people were disappointed with smashed highlighters, and Jeffree is now facing a whole lot of hate over this. So it turns out now that a big batch of King Tut was smashed before they left the warehouse (no one knew) if you want the full details or to watch drop tests go give Jeffree a follow on snapchat.

But before today I ordered them expecting them to arrive broken. To me it was worth the risk and I wanted my hands on one so badly... and hey, broken palettes can be fixed. 

So I was in utter shock and delight when I opened both of the highlighters and both were in perfect condition. I mean they have come an epic 5151 miles from the USA to Scotland, yet still remain intact. Thank you Make Up Gods.

They both came individually wrapped in a bubble wrap and tissue paper combination, this was wrapped around about 5 times, so any damage that does happen - shows how harsh the courier was being with your highlight.

Size & Packaging
So to fit in with the rest of his line the new Skin Frosts are in bright fushia pink plastic packaging. Each comes with a HUGE mirror and the embossed logo on the pan.

It seems that everyone (including myself) are all in shock over the sheer size of them though. Above is Mary Lou-Manizer on top of the Skin Frost. To compare weights Mary Lou is 8.5g, and the Skin Frosts are 15g! Even a MAC compact is a standard 10g. So you are getting between half and a third more for your money. It will be taking a while to hit pan on this beauty. GLOW SKIN GLOW!!

Shipping and Costs
I luckily had a friend wanting the same highlighter. So we decided to split the shipping and custom charges, which was a fab idea. So if you have a friend obsessed team up and buy together. It will half the cost :)

Each highlight cost $29, with a $10.95 postage charge. $68.95 Total (£55.52)

They then took 2 days to get to the UK, then 8 days at customs, and 1 days to be delivered - totalling 11 days.

Customs again charged me £15.94 for the pleasure. It seems that even if you order one, you are looking at at least a £10 custom charge, so order more if you are ordering from the US - as they do take a handling fee.

What I will say as a word of warning USPS do only track to the UK, not your door. So as soon as customs hand it to Royal Mail, it is considered "Delivered" on the system. It really freaked me out. They are also delivered by Royal Mail, which are easy to deal with and predictable (which to me is a great thing)

So in total it came to £71.46, that's £35.73 each

 I can say that I think they are totally worth it, especially now as Cocktail Cosmetics are refusing to sell them online for delivery. Which sucks. Especially seeing how mine arrived in good condition.

The Results
I am so in love with this highlighter. Here it is swatched above Mary Lou, it truly is the perfect ice cold white shimmer., Every pale girls dream come true.  It is also ridiculously pigmented. One swatch and you are glowing. I can see me now using this to death. Hello glowing skin!

Do you NEED it? In my opinion YES! if you are pale and struggle to find a good highlight this is perfect, but if you are warmer in tone maybe it wouldn't be worth it, but then I would look into king tut because it is soooo pretty.

This is the point I would now typically put a selfie of me glowing using it, but for once I am not. As over the next week or so a post is planned to go up for the highlighter challenge, and this is the star of the show. YUP! So I did a full face of just highlight. So make sure to follow me on BL for that (link below) and if you really want a sneak peak check out my snapchat @MakeErinOver :)

Jeffree Star's Skin Frosts are available here via his website for $29

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  2. Thanks so much for sharing! Although my bank account will hate me for it I think I might just have to get my hands on this. X


  3. That's kind of expensive for me but I love the packaging it came with.

    xx, Richel Goes Places

  4. Wow the highlighter is so pretty!! I'm impressed with how big it is! You'll never run out of highlighter! Lol


  5. I'm so dying to get my hands on a ton of JS products, thanks for sharing your experience I think I'm going to go ahead and put in an order. - Amy

  6. I'd be damned if I ordered it and it comes broken! You're lucky that after that long travelling yours came in one piece and wow, it is a big highlighter so it will last you for a long time ha ha :) Looking forward to your full face highlight!

    Ela BellaWorld

  7. I saw this highlighter on Jaclyn Hill's Snapchat story the other day and was intrigued. It looks like such a pretty highlighter and you get so much product!

    xo, Liz

  8. Oohhhhhh whhhyyyyyy did i read this!! Now I want one even more! I cannot believe how big it is!! Thats amazing weight vs pound! xx

  9. Oh so pretty! It looks amazing, I'm totally jealous right now. So glad it arrived in one piece for you!
    Rebecca x

  10. What site do you use to create your blog??

  11. I love embossed powders! The swatches look lovely.

    Corinne x

  12. Oh gosh I can't wait to see your highlight challenge! This looks absolutely massive, I'm not sure I could rock a white highlight but it is beautiful!

  13. I really need to get my hands on some JS bits! The highlighter looks good value for money as its so big. Custom charges are so frustrating! I haven't had on yet on my colour pop orders.. Maybe i should just risk it xx

    LPage Beauty

  14. I literally just watched the jaclyn hill video where she talks about that jeffere star highlighter. It looks pretty cool. I love mary Loumanizer and I just got champagne pop in the mail and I am waiting on opal and the sleek highlighter kits an cindy loumanizer. Highlighters are the best invention.

  15. Wooow , I'm huge fan of Jeffree Star Cosmetic. I love the brand. I hope I will order some makeup products.

    Charming CocoInstagram

  16. Wow, these swatches are amazing!! Do a tutorial using this one please, I would love to see how it performs on face. Glad it arrived in perfect condition, I always buy my makeup online as we don't have many brands here, and every time I order something I am so anxious to receive it!


  17. Wow! This products is so beautiful *_*

  18. I had no idea his highlighters are massive! I just checked his website and they are all sold out. *sob!*

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  19. Beautiful shades! In love with them! Thanks for sharing.


  20. I was actually worried about ordering these as I heard about the smashed King Tuts and didn't realise that was the issue - I just thought they were really delicate and broke in transit! I can't believe the size of the pan - woooow! I will see if they come to Cocktail Cosmetics and keep my fingers crossed :)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  21. I can definitely see how it would suit more fairer skin! Definitely wouldn't suit me much as I love my Mary Lou highligher :)
    Kathy x

  22. Ice cold looks gorgeous, and I feel the name suits the product perfectly (and for my pale skin ah!) Thank goodness for no smashed products, or there would have been tears! xxx

    Jasmine ||

  23. i want one of these so bad but i'm waiting until he released the purple shade he previewed a while ago. this one looks amazing as well!

    danielle | avec danielle

  24. I have always wanted to get my hands on any one of these just because it's Jeffree Star lol. But let's be real, it's lovely and beyond perfection. They're so freaking expensive, the shipping cost, even. Maybe when the currency gets better then I'll buy one and fangirl over his highlighters lol. Btw, lovely post! Love the pictures <3


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