How To: Fix a broken makeup palette UK style

Let me tell you a very sad story. Last month for my birthday I picked up Mary Lou-Manizer. It was love at first swatch, I used her every chance I got, and she was even in my favourites. 

Then exactly a week ago, I dropped her. I dropped her onto my bathroom tiles. I had the moment every makeup lover fears. hearing the crash and shutting your eyes just hoping it will be alright... well it wasnt.  My Beautiful Mary was broken - smashed.

So, now onto the important bit, how I fixed her. 

Fixing palettes will never be pretty, so don't ever expect that smooth beautiful surface ever again. But if you prefer saving them - this is how.

I figured this out after watching hundreds of Americans do this, and not having a clue what liquid they were using. I took to the internet and discovered surgical spirits. I used to use it as a kid to sterilise my earrings. I have no idea what it's actual purpose is - but it works for this. 

So, to fix a broken palette, sadly you need to break it more. Yup. It needs to be pretty powdered. So smash away... I recommend using the end of a round brush, they flatten and shape. Once you are done, pour a few drops of the liquid into the pan, then apply pressure using the brush end to push the product back together. - Leave to dry at the window.

So there is the finished product. No where near as beautiful, but useable. Oh and it may smell slightly like antiseptic but hey - a fixed £17 product for £1.79. Win. 

Let me know what you use to fix your palettes? have you ever smashed anything? let me know in the comments below :)

Pick up surgical spirits here for £1.79

Michael took a poo overnight - turns out he poos skittles. How disgusting. AJ then ate them. Gross!


  1. I used alcohol because that's what is said to work best but I couldn't get my Champagne Pop back into a nice condition so it's still broken :( Sad, but that's okay I'll just have to buy another one ;) xx,

  2. Aw man, I've thrown things out before as I had no idea you can fix them! I'll have to remember this for the next time I drop something :)


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