My December/Santa Wishlist


you can view last month's full wishlist here

 1. MAC "Well Dressed" - This is still in the *I need to buy this* list on my phone :)
2. Champney's A little Pick Me Up - PURCHASED (blog post here)
3. MAC "Tempting" - PURCHASED (blog post here)
4. The Santa Dress - PURCHASED (blog post here)
5. The Next Jumper - Decided against, mainly money. Too much money in MAC
6. The Hunger Games - SEEN - with my mum, it was amazing.

1. Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution (£23.00) - Glasgow now has a CT counter, so I NEED to buy something when I go right? it will either be one of these or a Tom Ford. Help me choose a colour? I like the look of "Amazing Grace" - and don't have a clue about the Tom Ford colours!

2. Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita (£38.00) - Same as above. I have been drooling over this beauty everytime someone posts it on instagram. Need. Want. Now. Merry Christmas to me ;)

3. Johanna Basford Enchanted Forest (£4.99) - I'm really hoping my Mum has picked this one up for me, I am in love with Johanna's artwork in her Lost Ocean book and this one is equally as beautiful. I need more!

4. Stobo Castle Vouchers (£1-£100) - Every year my mum goes to Stobo castle. Every year I drool over it. Seriously its beautiful. Who doesnt want a night in a luxury spa walking around in a bathrobe getting pampered? yes please santa!

5. Chanel Chance Eau Tendre (£55.00) - I have been on the last 10ml of this for about 6 months, it is my ultimate scent, I just love it - so much so I just can't bear to be without it until I have a new bottle. This one is pretty certain.. my mum called me whilst in debenhams to ask me the name #subtleasabrick but I will love it if she has got me this one :)

6. A New Home - OK this is an extreme, but Santa is Magic right? I don't actually want the house from santa, but I would like him to make the *right* house available... and then for the vendor to accept our bid? please santa. Turns out buying a house is STRESSFUL. We have bid, been unsucessful, cried. URGH. I just want the right house for us to be there, and to want us too. Too much to ask? Maybe lol - but it would be nice.

Michael decided to eat all AJ's cereal last night, this one was Iain's idea, after he ate all AJ's cereal and didn't want to confess lol


  1. Great picks! Charlotte Tilbury products are always worth it- I have and love the Dolce Vita palette and am pretty much lusting after all of her lipsticks :)


  2. I hope you get everything which is on your list *fingers crossed for a new home* Packaging of CT products are gorgeous and Dolce Vita is probably in everyone's wishlist :)


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