An Obsession with Hot Ribena

ok, I have a confession. For the past week I have gone through over a bottle of this stuff, its just too good not to have all the time, and of course you need a huge mug of it. 

Ribena Winter Spice is like Christmas and warmth in a bottle, its usual blackcurrent taste mixed in with a spice mix that warms you from the toes up. 

This is a must have this Christmas, you can pick them up here for £2.49 (and pretty much all other supermarkets) 

Oh - and luckily it only has 13 calories per 250ml, so go on - treat yourself :)

MICHAEL UPDATE: Michael was caught hanging from AJ's light this morning...


  1. I absolutely hate hot drinks but this actually sounds really nice!

    // Oh Dollymix

  2. Ribena drinks are yummy, I am sure this one tastes good too(It has the things I love in it...mmm!)! 13 calories is nothing so keep drinking :)


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