To Me, Love Boots

Without a doubt boots loyalty scheme is one of the best out there. You are constantly getting points promotions or money off... And with every £1 earning you 4 points the points soon begin to mount up. 

I have been saving mine for a few months now. With help from Christmas shopping I have managed to get myself a Chanel Blush... Something I didn't want to splash out on myself.... But as it was free how can I complain? 

The one downside to boots point scheme is you must pay completely in points.. You cannot use them against a purchase.. So get saving! 

The blush I went for is a creme one in revelation, it's a beautiful formula and would typically cost you £28.00 I used 2,800 points and got this for free. 

What a perfect gift before Christmas - thank you boots! 

What do you use your points on? Do you save or just use when you can? Let me know in the comments below :) 

Michael decided to make snowflakes last night... This was fun to clean up lol 

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  1. What a good treat for yourself, it looks gorgeous :) I don't have much in mine at the moment, maybe around £13, so I will not use it on anything for now and maybe go for a high end product like this when I have enough points :)


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