So I just had to pick up a few things from MAC mid December, I had debenhams vouchers to use before 24/12... So it was a must! 

What I decided to go for was things I had been picking up for months, but just couldn't part my money with. First pick was a MAC 217... I bought one a few months back for my cousin - but I just needed one for me. Really doesn't disappoint either, beautiful for blending :) 

I also grabbed the whirl pencil... I have been looking for a darker nude liner, and MAC offers every colour imaginable, plus it goes perfectly with.. 

Finally the wait is over: I bought whirl. YAY! I spent so long wanting this, so I finally caved and bought it online, it really doesn't disappoint, darker than velvet teddy... But just as beautiful in finish. Well worth the trouble. 

While I was online Ellie Goulding had been launched! So I decided to pick up her lipstick in "without your love" Cremesheen pink... Will be the ideal every day lipstick! 

Which things have you been looking for at MAC recently? What would you recommend? Let me know in the comments below :) 


  1. Even tho I really like the look of whirl on others, brown shades don't really suit me :( Ellie's one look lovely, definitely perfect for everyday wear.

  2. I have been loving the look of the Ellie Goulding collection! Great picks!

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