A Year Together

Today marks Iain & I's 1 year anniversary. Exactly one year ago today we met, and apart from work, haven't been apart since. 

When I met him I had given up on men, relationships, everything - done with them completely... then along he came, won me over with a coffee & cake. 

It's hard to explain a relationship when you have children from a previous one. You don't know what to expect. I hoped to find someone who would understand the situation, be able to cope with me having a child, this is what I seen as the best outcome. Iain has passed that and so much more. He doesn't see AJ as something to put up with, he doesn't see him as a downside of me, some sort of package deal. He sees us both as someone to love - he loves me for all of my faults, all of my insecurities and more importantly - he loves my son more than I ever thought anyone could, he cares for him, hugs him when he is ill. He is a real parent in his life, and you couldn't dream of a better partner to have. 

I know it's soppy, but he really does make me us better people, we are his family and he is ours. I cannot picture my life without him now - and I don't want to either. 

So I am done with the personal stuff, enough. Before I start crying. Ha. 


Michael is away with AJ to my mum's for the weekend, today he picked an old picture of me and my cousin to draw on, thanks mum lol 

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  1. Aww what a lovely story! Happy anniversary to you! It is hard to find someone you can rely on and it sounds like you've already found the one. I am so happy for you and I wish you a happy life together :) You've changed a lot, also naughty Michael made a good job with the tattoo!



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