What is on AJ's Santa List. Aged 4.

Those of you who may not know, I have a 4 year old. His name is Andrew, but most of the time he is called AJ. He is bright, funny and can be a total pain - but he is my pain and I love him. 

So over the past month AJ has been building up a list of things he wants to get for Christmas, if you leave the TV on he will tell you he wants every advert he sees - but these are the things he has remembered and asked me for (and a few bits I have seen too!) 

Just as a warning - everyone has different amounts they will spend on their kids, some people may go completely nuts others think that one present will do... Typically I will end up somewhere in the middle, so those of you without kids may be horrified by the amount.. But I promise once you have your own you realise Christmas is bloody expensive lol. 

First up is the Lego from us. AJ is obsessed. I managed to get these on Tesco Direct using my vouchers, so in total I paid around £30 for these. Pretty good! 

Next is the odd one.. AJ is obsessed with playing with die cast cards.. You know the matchbox ones? Well with this he has a road carpet - and he is constantly complaining about his lack of cones and signs for when his town is on fire - so top of his wish list was tiny traffic signs. Turns out you can't just buy a pack of them, so we eventually found these in home bargains. AJ is happy and at £3.99 each I'm pretty happy too! 

This years new obsession was paw patrol, I can't stand it but hey - he loves it. New PJs and a Tshirt. 

Orchard games are an amazing gift. They are really addictive for adults too... Iain and I finding ourselves yelling pizza pizza at 11pm when AJ is tucked up in bed. Yes we play without him! 

Last up is his Santa presents.

The scooter he won't be 100% happy with on xmas day. But I'm determined to get him on a scooter or a bike, even if his coordination sucks. Sorry Kid! 

The police outfit we seen and knew he would love... I just dread Christmas Day being arrested countless times while he "works" 

Last but not least - The top of his wish list. The Lego rocket. Obsessed with space he has been talking about this non stop since November. Cannot wait to see his face (then end up building it!) 

All wrapped in NEXT Santa & Elf wrapping paper, we are all set to gob 

Do you have kids? What are you getting for the children in your family? Let me know in the comments below! :) 


Michael decided to choke slam the penguin last night! 


  1. Awww, lovely pressies for AJ :) He will be thrilled!
    We don't have kiddos yet but I understand the concept of spending more on them than I would ever spend on my hubs or myself lol. Golden middle is the best. You're golden, mama :)
    Michael cracks me up every time!
    Merry Christmas, honey, to you & your family!
    xox Nadia

  2. I am sure AJ will love all of them and he will be screaming when he opens his presents :)


  3. These look lovely! I'm sure he will be so excited :)
    xo Kiki


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