Finding Ciate Olivia Palermo in TKMaxx

I'm pretty sure the whole beauty world was sent samples of these when they first launched. They were everywhere, and everyone was talking about them.

But you can see why - that packaging is just pain beautiful. I don't think I have ever been so impressed with a nail varnish before without actually using it. That sleek gold casing with the leather embossed top. Not to mention the OP and bow embossed into the powder and lipstick. You win Olivia, for pure beautiful products.

So here is the details.. after I have stopped drooling over the packaging.

The lipstick "Praline" retails here for £19. I paid £5.99
The blush/bronzer duo "bluff point" retails here for £25. I paid £6.99
The Nail Varnish in "hutch" retails here for £17. I paid £6.99

Saving an epic £41.03. Thank you TKMaxx, the best bit? last week I was tempted to buy a nail varnish from this range from superdrug... so glad I didn't now!

They had various other shades of lipstick, they also had liners in a few colours which typically sell for £17, on sale for £4.99

So if you love this range, or are looking for an amazing gift for less than half the cost - make sure to check out your local TKMaxx, I picked these up on Saturday (12.12.15) and there was loads in my store, so they will be dotted about the country.

I would always recommend TKMaxx for beauty lovers! Never know what you might find!

Have you tried any of this range? have you ever picked up a beauty bargain from TK Maxx? let me know in the comments below.

you can view the full Ciate Olivia Range here


Someone must be fed up with Michael's naughty behaviour so made sure he wouldn't do anything tonight... wonder who?

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  1. I love how gorgeous they look, especially the blush/bronzer duo and they are such a bargain! Great picks, I really want to give them a try.


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