A Guy Gift Guide

Picking presents for boyfriends/husbands/brothers can be a complete nightmare.

Ask me to pick something for my mum, or my cousin or best friend and I am so overwhelmed by my options I go way OTT, ask me to pick a present for Iain and you'll find me wandering town for hours unable to decide on what to actually go for.

I know my other half well, but unlike me he isn't drawn to shiney pretty things... it has to be practical. *sigh* So here is my top picks for the boys. Predictable yet efficient.

1. Something To Wear - Boys for some reason enjoy spending £80-£150 on a shirt/tshirt... personally I don't get it, but hey they like them. A new Ralph Lauren, a new Fred Perry is pretty much an easy go to. H&M also offer some pretty good options if you are looking for something with a nicer price range :)

2. Something Sporty - Golf is Iain's thing, did you know a set of golf balls will set you back around £40... ask me to spend £40 on a palette I will bearly loose, YES.... ask me to spend it on balls which will end up filthy then lost.... makes me want to cry a little. But he likes them. Make it personal by taking a sharpie to them - they need to tell which ones are theirs (for when they loose them) so why not draw sharpie flowers on them - it shows them you care (and will make them cringe in front of their friends)

Football, rugby, cricket, the options are endless, most guys are obsessed with something... go with it.

3.  Something Smelly - I will always recommend an aftershave, going for their usual is a safe bet, but if you are up for trying something new I would go for Chanel Homme Sport. It's incredible, sexy and smooth in a bottle. I do go a little weak at the knees when I smell this, grab a sample next time you are browsing the Chanel counter.

4. Something to Pamper with - Body Shop do an amazing range of skincare designed for men, they are always on 40% off so you can usually pick up a good bargain. The White Musk range is fresh yet masculine, they offer everything from the aftershave though to balms and lotions.

5. Something Quirky - This tie is my absolute favourite, its wild and crazy, and looks incredible on. But quirky can be anything.. a game? a nose hair trimmer? Ha something funny only you will get. Something that means something to them, or give them a good giggle. This would be the perfect gift if you haven't been together for very long, Debenhams is fab for useless yet fun gifts.

6. Something to do Together - This is my go to this year. Concert Tickets. Iain has been obsessed with Courteeners for years now, they just so happen to be in Glasgow on the 17th of December, perfect timing. So he is getting this, along with a night in CitizenM and a meal in Prezzo for his Christmas. Concerts are a brilliant gift you both enjoy. Just be prepared for the amount it will come too, Iain will be spoilt this year!

Michael Update:

Making Buddy the Elf proud. Spaghetti with syrup and sweeties 


  1. It is really hard to pick a gift for men and I struggle every year! Clothing is kinda tricky but a good gift! My fiance plays squash so last year "something sporty" was what I got however now I am not really sure what to get :)


  2. This is so helpful because men are so hard to shop for.At least I have some ideas now

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  4. This is a really nice gift guide for men. It's always really hard to shop for men because they're not quite as easy to shop for as women - lovely options here! xx, adaatude.com


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