A Christmas Must Have


Slippers are always something that every store starts making in bulk the minute summer ends, everything from sturdy soles through to fluffy socks, its hard to miss them. 

Choosing which ones to go for as a gift or even for yourself is completely mind bloggling, what to look out for? So here is my top pick.

I think I have found the perfect all rounder. These cutesy teddy slippers from Next haven't been off my feet since I bought them. Not only do they keep my feet cosy, they have a thick cushion sole so I don't injure myself everytime I stand on lego (this happens a lot with a 4 year old boy around) 

I don't know what I love more about them, the look of them, or how warm they keep my feet. My ideas were always to be comfortable without socks, and cover most of my feet.. easy to get on and off but be able to sit crossed leg with them on the couch without feeling odd... i am so picky, but these ones tick every box, and I cannot get enough of their little tail on the back. 

Which ones have you gone for this year? Do you usually get them as a gift? let me know in the comments below :)

Pick yours up here for £14.00


AJ now refuses to let Michael in his room at night, he is too naughty lol. Needless to say this morning he didnt disappoint, a snow angel in flour on the dining room table...what a naughty elf!

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  1. They look so cute and cosy! I don't receive them as a gift but treat myself :) Naughty elf! I hope your son is having fun!



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