Luxury Gift Guide - Top Picks

There is several hundred gift guides out there at the moment, so here is mine too - ha.

Hopefully if you are still looking for the perfect gift for someone - this might just give you an idea.

A gift of makeup to me should be something special, something that they will love. Something they couldn't bear to splash out on, but would really love to own. So here is my top picks of Luxury products that no one really needs - but we all want.  
1. Highlight. The product that we are all obsessed with this year. No one seems to be able to get enough of them, so its ideal as a gift. My top suggestions would be a MAC one (Soft & Gentle) or a limited edition if you can get your hands on one! Becca Champagne Pop which is being released in Space NK this week. Or the Charlotte Tilbury Bronze & Glow (£49.00) which is beyond beautiful. Pretty much anything Charlotte Tilbury is a winner, that packaging is beyond perfect.
2. Lipstick - Lipstick is always a winner, and those struggling to pick a shade, I would always recommend a plummy brown/mauve shade (Think MAC Mehr colour) - I have yet to meet someone this shade doesn't suit, all skin colours, it is perfect.  My top picks would be this beauty from YSL shade 31 (£25.00 - the picture is making this look pink, but I promise its way more brown/plum in colour) Chanel Ultra Hydration "Marie" (£26.00) something fancy like Collin from Tom Ford (£27.00) and same as above... anything from Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution line (£23.00) here

3. Eyeshadow - Eyeshadow is harder to go with, if they are new to beauty - or if they just don't have it - the Urban Decay Naked 1 (£38.00) I think this is the best out of the Naked range, even with its valour packaging. Next recommendation has to be the Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita (£38.00) it is beautiful.

Last up (and my personal favourite) has to be the MAC option. This can be done in 2 ways. My favourite is purchasing an empty palette (double, quad or 15 if you are feeling spendy) and giving a giftcard to fill it with their own choices. The joy of filling a MAC palette is like Santa on xmas morning for an adult. Getting to pick and choose your colours and knowing it is unique to you - now that is special. Options on colours are endless, each pan costs £10.

The other option - and just as special, is to fill the palette yourself, this is great if they are new to MAC, or you would like to gift them with your own favourites. My top picks would be: All that glitters, Sumptuous Olive, Sable, Woodwinked & Nylon.

So there is my top picks for christmas, none of them are really needed, but who wouldn't want to recieve them as a gift? Let me know what you are giving as gifts this year in the comments below, have you found my guide helpful? hope so :)


Michael kidnapped AJ's Lego figures last night, released the bad guys then taped the rest onto the window. AJ seen this as a full blown emergency and released a rescue mission!

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  1. These are great suggestions! Any of these would make a girl really happy :) I bet AJ wasn't happy after seeing his lego like that.


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