A Year in Empties - 2015

I am saying this is a year in empties... but it was from when I first started the posts back in April, but 8 months didn't sound anywhere near as good! :)


So this year I have managed to go through:

4 x Mascara
2 x Garnier Micellar Water
3 x Shampoo
3 x Conditioner
10 x Original Source

138 x tea lights
19 x Votives
17 x Full Sized Candles
5 x Yankee Jars

I must admit I was expecting it to be more, but good to see my candle obsession isn't too bad, right?

Which products have you used the most of this year? Let me know in the comments below


Michael tried on some lipstick this morning. Doesn't he look lovely?


  1. Well done for actually keeping count of everything. I still haven't managed writing an empty post as I just throw everything out without even thinking about it. I can see why you've gone through 2 Garner Micellar Water, I love the stuff also x

    Beauty with charm

  2. Love all the Michael updates so much :D
    AJ must be having a good laugh every time. You are so creative, girlie ;)
    Love this empties sum-up post.
    xox Nadia


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