This Month's Yankee Candle: Red Apple Wreath

If you aren't a huge candle lover, Christmas should be the own time you treat yourself to a nice one, there is so many amazing options from brands like Yankee - it's near impossible to not find one to love. 

AJ & Iain treated me to this large jar for my birthday last month, and it has the perfect hint of Christmas while still being fresh. Hard not to feel festive and cosy when this is on. 

Yankee candles are the perfect middle between high end and low end. Reasonably priced yet high quality... What is not to love? 

Which Christmas candle have you gone for this year? Let me know in the comments below :) 


Michael decided to steal AJ's seahorse & baby lamb last night to make a bed. AJ was not impressed, bad Michael. Ha. 


  1. Lovely post on my favourite candles, and this sounds like it smells amazing! I have got Fireside Treats and Christmas Cookie from Yankee Candle this year.

    – – Fashion Haul

  2. ahh these are such cute photos,i love them! and its making me excited for christmas now haha :) x x

  3. I am sure it smells so festive! They know what to get you :) Michael the elf looks so comfy!

  4. Haha Michael Updates crack me up hon! Loving it!
    You're such a fun mama <3
    This is such an amazing candle....mmmmm!!!
    xox Nadia

  5. I have the mini jar in this scent and I love it, not too strong but a nice sweet christmassy smell, I'm thinking of getting this in the big jar while it's still in stock!

    Leanne |


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