Hello December, blogmas and an Elf Named Michael

Say hello to our elf. 

AJ decided the perfect name for him would be Michael, so this is him. Michael the Elf. Ha. 

Michael is here from 1st-24th, he then catches a ride with Santa back to the North Pole. He is here to make sure AJ is behaving - but also for a chance for me to have a good giggle at what he managed to get up to. 

So as Michael will be here for 24 days, I plan to also be here for 24 days, 24 posts, blogmas to be exact. At the end of each post I will update you on what little Mike has been up to, what trouble he has managed to cause! 

Looking forward to spending December with you all, and make sure to follow me on bloglovin and Instagram for updates :) @MakeErinOver 

Have a good December! & Merry Christmas, make sure to leave me a comment, as I do love to hear from you all, and let me know if you are doing elf on the shelf too! :) 

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  1. Hello Michael the elf, nice to meet you :) My fiance's name is also Michael! I wish I was able to do blogmas however I won't be doing it this year. Hopefully next year :)



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