Elf On The Shelf Ideas (Saying Goodbye to Michael)

So Michael has been here for 24 days, and tonight he flies back to the North Pole with Santa. AJ is sad to see him leave...but more excited for Santa to come! 

It's been a good stay Michael, you have been naughty, made a mess, caused grief and given us all a good giggle. 

Sure he will be back again next Christmas ready to cause trouble! Fingers crossed he behaves himself a bit more next time! 

So here is what he has been up to the past 24 days, hope you have enjoyed him as much as we have! 


  1. Hope to see Michael back next year too :) I wish you a Happy Christmas with your family.


  2. Haha, bye Michael! Cute pics.

    ALYSPACE.co.uk | Alexandra xxx


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