Fresh Have Arrived At World Duty Free!*

Fresh Has Arrived At Wold Duty Free!* Rose, Deep Hydration

I don't think I have ever fallen so quick for a skincare range. 

I love you fresh. So much. You make my skin GLOW. (and who doesn't love that?) 

Fresh has just been launched at World Duty Free in their London Heathrow Airport Terminal 3 and online. Which means you can save yourself a few quid and bag a saving off this incredible brand in the best treat yo'self moments there is - at the airport. 

I have been using this range together now for almost 4 weeks, and I am just completely in love. My skin has never felt as good as it does at the moment, and it is 100% down to this range from Fresh, and it has me so excited to try more from them (Because I know I will definitely be picking up more from World Duty Free when I fly in June)

The Soy Face Cleanser (£9.85) is incredible. I know so many people who love this, and I can completely see why. The scent is really refreshing. It reminds me of cucumbers. This is the perfect gentle cleanser which seems to be gentle on the skin but have the capabilities to remove makeup. This has been my go to morning or second cleanse. I love it to waken my skin, clean it up ready for more goodness on top. 

The Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner (£28.00) is the first step in my routine at the moment, I pop it onto a cotton pad then apply before anything else. It helps to remove any leftovers and leaves your skin ready for whatever goodness you apply after. The formula contains real rose petals, which is pretty to look at. My concern is when it begins to run out and if they will cause an issue towards the end - but so far they just add a little bit of pretty into a skincare routine - whilst cleansing and hydrating too. 

Fresh Has Arrived At Wold Duty Free!* Rose, Deep Hydration

The Rose Deep Hydrating Serum (£36.15 for 30ml) is my go to in the morning. It manages to hydrate while being absorbed quickly. Perfect for in the morning. This leaves your skin ultra soft, but dry to touch and not greasy. This is the perfect day moisturiser, or just overall perfect if you like baby bum smooth skin on your face. I am completely alright with having soft perfectly hydrated skin. So needless to say I use this daily. 

The Rose Face Mask (£44.35) is the perfect skin pick me up on days where I have extra time. I use this about twice a week. It has a cooling gel formula which leaves your skin feeling firmer, fresher and at its complete best. I love using masks as a reset button, and this one is exactly that. I reach for this whenever my skin is feeling a bit flat, or in need of a pick me up. 

Fresh Has Arrived At Wold Duty Free!* Rose, Deep Hydration

The Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream (£29.95) is now my ultimate moisturiser. (I know, I cannot believe I am saying this already) But I know my skin is LOVING this. I haven't had a bad skin day since I started using it. My skin is not dry in anyway, in fact I am oily/combination if anything, but for some reason my skin just takes really, really well to this. It feels firmer, hydrated, plump even. My skin looks and feels awesome - and definitely not any more oily from using it either. I know for a fact I will be replacing this before it runs out. I need a back up just in case. 

The Sugar Advanced Therapy Dream (£18.55) is a pink tinted lip balm which helps to keep your lips looking plump and hydrated. I am constantly recommending this now. I want one in every shade, flavour and formula. This is now my go to for no makeup or less makeup days. I just love wearing it. I won't be without one of these now. Without a doubt the best tinted lipbalm i've ever used. 

Fresh Has Arrived At Wold Duty Free!* Rose, Deep Hydration

Needless to say I have loved using this line, I have found so many products I love and will continue to repurchase - especially if I can get some money off them through World Duty Free. 

You can now reserve items at World Duty Free to collect before departure, so it is worth having a look on their site 1-30 days before you fly - as you can reserve the items you know you want or need, then you pay on collection!

Or puchase at the London Heathrow Airport Terminal 3

Fresh Has Arrived At Wold Duty Free!* Rose, Deep Hydration
Have you tried anything from Fresh yet? What is your favourite thing to buy from World Duty Free?

*These items were sent to me for review but has in no way altered my opinion on them, and all words are my own unless stated otherwise (usually in quotes!) 

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