April Favourites 2018

Another month, another favourites. 

This month has been SO stressful, the lead up to exams is enough to make me feel a little sick. 11 days from now is day 1 of exams, and I have never felt so unprepared. But I have still been loving a whole load of different products, so I thought I would take the time to share them with you. 

This little palette is AMAZING. From the sets now out I have found it to be the one I reach for the most, and the one I take most enjoyment in using. The colours are to easy to use and blend, and just seem to go with everything. The additional liner that is included is also pretty fabby - but for me it is all about the palette. 

Urban Decay in general, I am still so shocked that they wanted to work with me. It is so overwhelming just thinking about it. This mascara is so lovely though. I find it seperates and lengthens beautifully, and I am all about having pretty lashes. 

I am OBSESSED with mine. The formula of these are just beautiful. It is as if the Stila magnificent metals and the By Terry Ombre Blackstars had a baby. This would so be it. Mine is in the shade Galactic - and I am living for that sparkle! 

I am loving a shimmery glossy lip at the moment, it feels as if the warmer weather is coming and I am loving a bit of sparkle on days where my makeup is at a minimum. This smells amazing and looks amazing. Such a good lip topper, and definitely a highlight from the collection. 

I still cannot believe I won this from Daisy in her giveaway. She is the sweetest! I also cannot believe I didn't own this yet. I 100% get it now, hype is well and truly earned. It is stunning! 

Another product that has been worth the hype around it. I must admit I do love using this. It isn't enough to have me change my mind about Glossier, but I do love this one. It seems to make your brows stick without being too sticky or hard. Winner Winner. 

7. Olympus Supersoom 800S - Film Camera (Ebay) Full Post Here
I am so loving the old school, so bad they are kinda cool pictures at the moment, and this camera reminds me so much of the one my mum had when I was little. The suspense of waiting on your pictures developing is so fun too - the anticipation is a killer lol. 

8. New iPad + Pencil 
GAH. The cost. But still, I do love it. The new standard ipad is now compatible with the apple pencil, and to be fair, they have dropped the cost of them down to a more reasonable level. Now I just need to be careful and not loose the pencil.... If you want to see what I have been doing with the pencil check out my IG... it says it all really (in my messy writing) 

9. Casey Neistat 
CASEY IS BACK DOING DAILY VLOGS. Dan is awesome too. I find myself love watching his childish antics and seeing what is going on in his little New York bubble. He makes me want to be more creative and do everything at once - inspiring. 

10. Young Sheldon
I must admit I do love the new Young Sheldon, the characters are everything they needed to be, and Sheldon is just amazing. If you love The Big Bang Theory, and haven't seen it yet - you really should. 

What have you been loving this month? Let me know in the comments below! :) 


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