MakeErinOver Turns 3: A Little Throwback

Are you ready for some cringy AF 2015 blog photos?

The following post has been in drafts for a long time. The first ever blogpost. Back when I thought it was OK to put SQUARE photos in blog posts. *what was I thinking* Part of me wants to cry a little looking at it. But alas, it shows growth, improvement. Everyone has to start somewhere, and I started at the bottom. HA.

It has taken me a long ass time to finally feel confident with the photos I take. To look at them and think yeah, that looks good. And I know that every year I look back and think *blech* at the previous year, but I think I would be upset if I didn't. Showing no change, progress or improvement would upset me more than being horrified at my pictures. I strive to be better than what I was before, and as I love photography now, its something I take pride in.

March Favourites 2015 vs 2018
The products I love haven't changed much in fairness. My first ever post was March Favourites 2015, where I confessed my love of MAC Honey Love, Oskia Cleansing Gel, Coffee and the Naked Palette - not much has changed there, other than my disgust at how old those products are.

My social media of course has grown from 0 to a reach of over 15,000 people - that is pretty cool.

I have worked with some flipping INCREDIBLE brands. World Duty Free, M&S, Eve, Bioderma, Vichy, Jord, Adexe, I could be here a lot longer stating amazing brands who I have had the honour of working with - such a lucky girl (With a bloody good mix of hard work btw lol)

Personally I have gone from being at home most of the time with AJ, dreaming of a different job (midwifery) and wishing I had something to do other than sit about watching YouTube videos and reading blogposts. (Hence why I started the blog)  

Now I am still working at the same place, but I am at college full time. I juggle college, my job, being a Mum, volunteering and the blog - Oh and I have a Confirmed place to study Midwifery at RGU this September *YAY* 

My little hobby that started because I was lonely and needed something to focus on, has turned into this. Something I think regulary I should probably stop because I'm just so busy - but cannot bring myself to do because I just LOVE doing it.
AJ Age 3 (2015) - AJ Age 6 (2018) 
I love blogging - it brings me endless amounts of joy. But damn is it hard. In 3 years I have said to myself on countless occassions "Why am I still doing this?" Typically at 11.30pm when I am writing up a post to go live the following day. 

I could have used this post to advise you all what I have learned though blogging over 3 years, but to be honest I don't really know what I would write. I don't schedule, I barely organise my content, I don't have any fantastic words of wisdom to share with you all - other than if something makes you truly happy.. it is worth all the effort. If you love it, you will find the time, you will make the time. 

So yeah, happy 3 years to me. *eats the cake*

Here is to the next year, where hopefully I will be a full time student midwife, and have a little less off my plate than what I have currently. Whooooop.

When did you find my blog? When did you start yours? Let me know in the comments below! :)


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