Pixi Pretties: The Latest Pixi + Influencer Collaborations + Swatches*

Pixi Pretties: The Latest Pixi + Influencer Collaborations!*

All The Photos, Swatches. All the Pretties. 

I don't think I have ever been so excited to see a parcel. I have been waiting to try Pixi for SO long, and I finally got round to it, then this arrived. I squealed with excitement. The packaging was incredible. (It's on my IG highlights if you want to check it out). 

Pixi is now known for their collabs with influencers, and this year they have decided to collaborate with Chloe Morello, Dulce Candy and Weylie Hoang. I wasn't following any of them, but I have now. I love finding new people to follow on YouTube. 

I am so in love with the latest launch, and I hope you enjoy this walkthrough of them all, and my thoughts on each! :)

Pixi Pretties: The Latest Pixi + Influencer Collaborations!*

Pixi Pretties: The Latest Pixi + Influencer Collaborations!* Pixi + Chloe Morello

Chloe Morello's collaboration with Pixi has produced the ideal travel palette. This is the perfect on the go palette. The only one you will reach for when space is at a minimum, and you want to rely on one palette which will perform to the standards expected - without any drama.
Pixi Pretties: The Latest Pixi + Influencer Collaborations!*
The palette contains 3 blush shades Promise, Bouquet and Romance - a shade to suit every mood. Then 3 brow/liner shades - Knot, Unity and Tux. 

To complete the palette there is also 6 eyeshadow/highlight shades, one to suit every skin-tone and one shade shimmery eye look. Quick and easy. This palette will definitely be in my holiday bag for when we go away. 

The perfect rosy-goldy nude lip with lots of shimmers. Obsessed. Oh, and it smells like cake - what's not to love! Sorry for no swatches, I stupidly forgot, but I am wearing it in the photo at the bottom! 

Pixi Pretties: The Latest Pixi + Influencer Collaborations!*

Pixi Pretties: The Latest Pixi + Influencer Collaborations!*
Pixi Pretties: The Latest Pixi + Influencer Collaborations!*
Pixi + Dulce Candy 

This is actually the first lip palette I have ever had. The colours are beautiful, so so pretty. Especially Alma, Enamoranda and Canela - they are nudey pinky perfection!

The majority of the shades are matte, with Sirena being a shimmer finish. The colours are all completely different from one another, perfect for a typical everyday look. 

My only issue with this palette is how difficult this is with a small handbag for top ups throughout the day - the downside to any lip palette. 

But this is my go to now for an ombre lip! :)

The second collaboration with Dulce Candy was the Cafe Con Dulce palette in sweet glow. I must admit this is my favourite of the two. They are considered as multi-use products. On my pale skin-tone, Brilliante, Dulce and Bon-Bon are my ideal highlight shades. The pinks are the perfect shimmery blush and the darker shades are the ideal one sweep eyeshadows. 

On darker skin tones, there is something there to suit too. Tamarindo would look stunning, as well as Caramelo and morenita. This seems to be the one I reach for when I am in a shimmery mood. I love doing a blush as eyeshadow look in summer so I know this one will be ideal for it. Shimmer perfection. 
Pixi Pretties: The Latest Pixi + Influencer Collaborations!*

Pixi Pretties: The Latest Pixi + Influencer Collaborations!*
Pixi + Weylie Hoang 

I must admit the Weylie Hoang collaboration with Pixi is my favourite. For £22.00 too, such an awesome price for what you are getting. 

The creator kit includes the Black Liner Duo which contains a felt tip liner which doesn't budge for anyone, and a twistable kohl liner which is ideal for smokey eyes. 

The Let's Talk Eyes palette is beautiful, it is just utter warm perfection, and I love the shades and the creamy matte finishes with the shimmers too. It is such an easy to wear palette, and I have been reaching for it constantly since it arrived. LOVE it. 
Pixi Pretties: The Latest Pixi + Influencer Collaborations!*

Overall, I love the new Pixi Collaborations. They seem to completely slay influencer collaborations. Everything from the Aspenovard highlighter and blush - and the Caroline Hiron's double cleanse. Pixi are the boss at working with influencers to create outstanding products, and this year is no exception. 

I personally would very highly recommend picking up something from the latest launch - the Weylie Hoang Eye Creator Kit especially - it's just so good - but you cannot go wrong with any of them.

Pixi Pretties: The Latest Pixi + Influencer Collaborations!*Which item would you go for? Do you have a Favourite? Would you consider picking up any of these? Let me know in the comments below! :)


 *These items were sent to me for review but has in no way altered my opinion on them, and all words are my own unless stated otherwise (usually in quotes!)

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