April: Life On Film #2 (Sunshine, School Holidays and Revision)

A Month in Pictures Taken on a old AF film camera 

I have a Olympus Pen E-PL8, but somehow I just LOVE the look of film photos. The excitement of getting the shot, not knowing if its gonna turn out alright and the suspense of getting them developed. HOW FUN! Also, I got a new iPad, and now I can draw on my photos. So yeah, the creation of Life on Film on my blog. I really hope you enjoy! :) 

This month AJ was off for two weeks, it rained and was miserable. So of course he drove me completely insane. We did have fun with friends and spent a lot of time together, which was fun because I have my big scary TERRIFYING exams coming up. The rest of the month I spent studying and wishing the next month away. I had a cheeky nandos date with my BFF, and we had 3 whole days of sunshine - it was amazing. Had us all excited for the multicoloured Penguin statues being created across dundee.

Overall, it has been a good month, and I hope you enjoy my snaps! Special shoutout to Steph for being an iconic 90s chick in the photo, I swear she looks like a throwback from 20 years ago here. I LOVE it. 

I hope you have loved this post, there is something so old school about it. I described them as so bad they are good, and I do hope you agree! Have you had a good month? Let me know :) 

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