Shay & Blue London: Blood Oranges

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Summer Perfection in a Bottle

Say hello to Shay & Blue, a brand I hadn't tried up until now... but wow was I excited to. I love fragrances. There is something so lovely about how a fragrance can change your mood, remember happier times or incredible moments. I was excited to see which scent they would send across, and I was not disappointed. 

Blood Oranges is my ideal scent. Something fruity... with a musky undertone... one which confuses people.. is it masculine? I love scents which stand out - and this definitely does. The Orange scent is perfect too, that smell of orange will have you thinking of juicy oranges - rather than artificial orange smell. I love how different this is, and it has me reaching for it constantly since it arrived. Perfect for this time of year. 

"Award-winning Blood Oranges has been described by a top perfume critic as a modern "cult classic". It is a richly refreshing fragrance with juicy bursts of blood orange underpinned with an opulent, sensual blend of musk, woods and passionate leather. Different and stylish."

Top Note 
Immediate fresh bursts of blood orange segments and juice.
Heart Note
At the core of this fragrance lies a well-balanced note of hot napa leather that is sensual and intense.
Base Note
A few hours into the dry-down discover sultry and passionate musk with charred woods and amber.

With the rich, long-lasting Eau De Parfum concentration - this will last all day long. I find myself still smelling it hours later, which is so lovely in a scent. I can see myself using this all summer long - and probably longer too. Such an incredible entry into Shay & Blue scents - and I cannot wait to try more from them.


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