June Skincare Saviours

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This month has gone by in a tired blink. 

Say hello to my skincare usage this month. If I have been awake enough to use any of it. I've been terrible this month - but these are the highlights. 

I've been loving this so much. I have been using this every morning since it arrived and I can see myself finishing this off soon. I've really enjoyed this as a morning cleanse to kick start the day. 

I'm back to using my trusty toner. I love it. I also love my personalised bottle, which I keep refilling. Glow Tonic is the perfect gentle yet effective toner for everyday use. 

This has been my go-to daily moisturiser. I love this for applying makeup shortly after. It hydrates yet dries in quickly - the perfect base. 

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This has been in my uniform since it arrived and I have loved using it. The smell is incredible, and the formula is just as good. My hands feel much better after using this. 

I have been so tired after long shifts that I have been using this more frequently to just quickly remove what is left on my face. It does such a beautiful, quick job too. 

Who needs cotton pads when you can have reusable ones, right? 

When I have taken the time to remove what little makeup I am wearing I have been reaching for this. I find this can remove minimal makeup perfectly. I love the feel of this one, so soft and hydrating. 

 With my face constantly sweating on shift a good purifying mask is the way forward. I love this one. It dries down beautifully, I love the way it makes my skin feel, how clear it feels after every use. I will be repurchasing this one. 

Which skincare products have you been loving this month? Let me know in the comments below :) 


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