June Favourites 2019

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Is is July already? Almost... 

I feel like I have slept this month away. And I'm not mad about it. All I can think about is how tired I am, so it makes sense the blog has had a back seat this mont...ooops. But here is everything I have loved this month. 

Forever and For always. You shall be my number one, my one and only. If I had to commit to one lipstick this would be it. Perfection. 

This is so quick and easy to use when I don't have a full face on. I love it as a lip balm, so hydrating and the perfect pop of colour. 

I always forget how much I love the formula of these, they are so nice. So easy to blend, so beautifully subtle yet pigmented. Highly recommend picking one up if you haven't already. 

I am so glad I found my pink one again so I wouldn't need to use my yellow one just yet - but seriously they are so much better than all the imitations. 

Hell yes, I love a yellow. This wasn't even a want, it was a need. And I love it. 

I haven't worn anything else, this is stunning! I have used so much of it already - I can't see that slowing down anytime soon - perfect for summer time. 

I loved the chance to meet Chantelle, she was in Dundee for an event, so I grabbed the chance to meet up and have a blether - she is just as lovely in real life too!  

8. My Mum's 50th Birthday Party
My mum decided to have a huge party for her 50th, because why not? She had a garden party with all her friends, BBQ, cake. It was such a good time. I hope my social life is as good as hers when I'm older. Good photo op for my mum, me, my cuz and my auntie too! 

9. Love Island
Seriously it's nowhere near as good as it has been in previous years.. but I'm still enjoying it. I can't deny that. I'm enjoying Maura...

10. Lucifer
YES. I've never cried so much. His poor face at all the hurt. I love this show, and I cannot wait for season 5! 

What have you been loving this month? 


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