Why I'm DONE with Instagram Perfection

A word from a shit influencer

I'm 10 weeks into a placement block, I'm exhausted, mentally, emotionally and physically. The very last thing on my mind is my housework, my hair, my eyebrows, clothes - even taking pretty pictures. I have been scraping by on instagram with photos I took a month ago, or simply not posting... 

Until, I decided a few days ago to be honest. To show you a glimpse into my reality, my world as it is right now - which is completely uninstagramable. I chose to share my reality for a few reasons, but mostly because it's real. A lot of people can relate to the reality behind the stereotypical perfect posts, and I'm done trying to pretend my life is perfectly perfect - when it really isn't. 

I think my main focus was home. Mrs Hinch is incredible, and I love watching her stories, but her cleaning schedule is MAD. I love cleaning my house, but it isn't my main goal in life. It is bottom of the priorities where work, sanity and children come into play. Also, I would like to see her keep up the routine while doing 4x 12.5hr nightshifts. Because I can't even cook half the time because I'm so knackered, and I know for a lot of us - it just isn't realistic. 

My hair isn't perfect, it never is. It's thick, uncontrollable, grey and dirty. I also need it tied up. It takes FOREVER to wash and dry, so I simply don't wash and dry it between shifts. I keep tying it up. So by day 4 it's 90% dry shampoo, and I'm pretty sure if you removed the bobble my hair would stay in place. EW. But I'm sure I can safely say we don't all have perfectly instagrammable hair all the time - and it's why my face has rarely made an appearance on my grid - that and my sheer lack of makeup. 

And as for clothes. I honestly cannot remember the last time I wore something other than my uniform, pyjamas, or leggings and a tshirt. I am opting for comfort over everything right now - because I am TIRED. I just want to be warm and comfy. Too much to ask? Probably, I need to sort out my clothes, but I've been too busy washing and wearing my uniform to think of anything else. And my PJ's - well they are just heaven (Even after far too many days in a row of wearing them).  

So I thought I would stop trying to pretend I was anything more than a slob who cannot be bothered doing anything other than sleep with my time off work - but I will show you a glimpse into my reality - where my energy comes from to remain motivated to my course, where my time is taken from. 

I'm fed up of portraying perfection when none of us truly are, and if it helps to show that we all make sacrifices somewhere - well then I know I will have done my part. I hope you enjoy my real life snaps and in a way, can relate to them on some level. 

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