Overcoming Summer Chub Rub

When the best photo is an outtake... 

A thigh gap is something a lot of women strive for, but it is something which will be completely unachievable to a lot of us. This does not make us fat, or thick thighed... it is often just down to our hip placement - which is all genetics - sorry! 

Those of us who are thigh touching and non-gappy, will struggle with something I like to call Chub Rub. It doesn't even need to be chub, but just skin. it just means when we walk, sit, stand, our legs touch. And when the weather is hot. Trust me when I say this, the struggle is REAL.

There is no pain quite like chafing. That feeling like you want to walk about with your legs wide open, wafting air up into them praying for some relief - regardless of how ridiculous you look - I have been there, and I understand.

Why should we be limited to shorts and trousers, or worse TIGHTS in this heat? Let your legs be free, embrace the heat and rock those cute little summer dresses. 

So I thought I would chat through my personal favourites to help combat the chub rub.

1. Deodorant.
Sure this is pretty extreme, but sometimes desperate situations require desperate measures. I would highly recommend using a cream based one. This will just ensure it soaks in properly. I would only apply once in the morning, then leave to dry.

2. Talc.
My gran swears by this one. Back in 2014, we were on a family holiday in Tenerife and both me and my baby cuz were complaining of the pain that is chub rub. My dear Gran then produced a travel sized tub of Johnsons baby powder from her handbag like the holy grail. We were horrified at first, I mean no one wants to look white and powdery (especially not in that region) but wow does it work. The next thing we knew we were fighting over it, running to every bathroom in a cloud of white powder puffing it up our skirts in the hope it would help - which it did. It just isn't the most glamorous of habits. 

3. Shorts (Or Cut Leggings)
This one now is my personal favourite. My mum swears by spanks or bicycle shorts but that to me just isn't cute. I mean I want to be able to let my belly breath when I am stuffing huge amounts of ice cream into my gob on a hot day. I don't want to feel restricted or trapped by a pair of ultra tight shorts designed to suck all the fun out of life. Instead, I went to Primark and picked up a white and black pair of the leggings I always wear and cut the legs off so they hide under my cute AF dresses. 7 year old me LOVES this. I get to wear cute dresses and not worry about flashing my pants while doing cartwheels, and 27 year old me loves it cause my thighs aren't rubbing together creating a pain close to torture.

So there you have it. Don't suffer in silence. There is a world of people suffering in heat the same, don't be alone, share our pain that is chub rub. You are not alone. 

Are you a sufferer? What are your top tips for weather like this? Let me know in the comments 


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