December Skincare Saviours

The Skincare Roundup 

Just another month, which means another skincare routine to go over. 

I've loved this for months now, but the new bottle, WITH MY NAME ON IT! *Squeeeeeeeeeeel* It's flipping incredible, and I love it even more now that it is personalised lol. 

Oooo I love this. The scent, the smooth formula that can lift any trace of makeup you have had on your face, this one is a firm staple in my routine now - balms are definitely my preferred way to remove makeup. 

I've been really enjoying this as my daily moisturiser recently, the lightweight formula means applying makeup on top is a breeze - which is definitely a bonus for me when I am looking for a moisturiser to use in the morning. 

Hello exams, hello exam stress. I swear my hormones hate me whenever I don't look after myself properly, and they usually pay me back with a line of sore spots around my jaw. This helps to dry them out that little bit quicker. 

I love using this as an overnight treatment. The formula is hydrating yet non-greasy. There will be no film left on your pillowcase - so for me, this is ideal when you are trying to keep your brushed cotton pillowcases all pretty. 

Okay, so this does burn. I will not deny that, but wow does my face feel firm after using this. This is the perfect quick fix to give your skin a little bit of a boost - which mine has been needing recently! 

I love these wipes, they are so fab for on the go. I won't take off a full face with them, but for a quick freshen up when I am not wearing any makeup they really are ideal. 

I feel like it has been a very Molton Brown kind of month, and I am loving it. I have decided that Rhubarb & Rose is definitely my favourite scent so far from them - it really is incredible! 

Which skincare products have you loved this month? Let me know in the comments below! :) 


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