Netflix: 10 Crappy Christmas Movies To Watch

It's Christmas Movie Time! 

Something about December makes me want to watch TERRIBLE movies that require zero brain power to actually pay attention to and get all the Christmassy feels. Something about watching a movie that has all the Christmassy cliches like Santas, carols, trees, snow makes me feel good. You name it - they have all of them, every cliche going. Even dead parent cliches - at least 6 out of these 10 the main character has lost a parent, how terrible are we to emotionally manipulate huh? 

Oh and a good chunk of these are Netflix Originals, and  I love how Netflix originals always have their characters watching Netflix too - it's funny to see. 

Some are far better than others, but a good few are worth sitting cuddled up under covers to watch. 

A Christmas Prince (1 & 2) (Netflix Original)
Sure, why would you not want to marry someone who lied to you... but gotta admit the whole prince thing is very picturesque. It just ticks every cheese box and I am all about a cheesy Christmas Movie. The dress was a disappointment though, I wanted it to be nicer. Prettier. 

Christmas Wedding Planner 
Not even going to lie, this was going somewhat well until the end *sigh*, ach who am I kidding it was bad throughout, but still - worth watching just to say "What the Fuck???" at the end. She is a TERRIBLE friend. 

The Princess Switch (Netflix Original)
Sometimes movies annoy me when everything just fits a little too perfectly. Her perfect friend just so happened to fall in love with the right person so she can get the prince. But its a High School Musical Throwback, so I'm not mad. 

The Holiday Calendar (Netflix Original)
This one does the right thing in terms of romance - after doing the wrong thing first, sure, but let's give it a bit of credit. It is a good movie overall, I love the main character - she was fab, and the concept was cool - very Christmassy. I LOVE the ending, its how it should be. No shite.

Once Apon A Holiday 
This one switched it up a bit and had a princess as the main character and the man was a plain jane type. That was the only difference though... They could have made this so much better than it was, so it is somewhat frustrating. 

A Wish For Christmas 
GRETCHEN (From Mean Girls) I love it just for that. This one was different though, a little bit outside the box, but maybe staying within the box is a good thing. She is so sweet throughout, sickly sweet. 

Christmas Inheritance (Netflix Original)
Gotta love a cliche, spoilt rich kid, meets down to earth lovely man. Not gonna like I like this one. In a bad way, watching it thinking how terrible it is, yet I don't turn it off. 

Free Rein The 12 Neighs of Christmas (Netflix Original)
Well, that's 57 minutes of my life I will never get back. Why was Netflix SO determined for me to watch this. WHY. I feel like I gave into peer pressure and was punished for it! 

Love Actually 
Okay, let's be honest about this one, this one is FAR from crappy. But it is on Netflix and I am LOVING it. Everything about it, everything, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

The Christmas Chronicles (Netflix Original)
This one is in no way shape or form - crap. It is AMAZING. Seriously so so good. I cried, I laughed. The elves are amazing, Santa is amazing. It gives me the same Christmas vibes as movies like The Santa Claus, where I wish with all my heart that it was real. 

Which Christmas Movie is your favourite? Let me know in the comments! 


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