Korean Beauty With TONIC15*


Say hello to an online retailer you will need to check out in 2019. Tonic15 is Korean Beauty made simple, bringing the wonder and craze of Korean beauty to the UK in a super accessible way. With free shipping over £15, a wide selection of Korean skincare and makeup brands to try: Tonic 15 will have you spoilt for choice and your skin glowing in no time. 

They very kindly let me select some goodies to try, and knowing me I will forever choose a nice smelling cleanser - and wow did the Orange Cleansing Sherbet by Arometica (£27.00) deliver. The formula and scent is a match made in heaven, and it has been my go-to cleanser since it arrived. The smell is fresh and clean, the formula melts like a balm texture, and massages into the skin beautifully - leaving my skin super soft, moisturised and clear. 

"A unique cleaner that removes impurities and all traces of makeup from your skin. Orange peel extract balances oil production in the skin. Its sherbert texture leaves the skin deeply cleansed, moisturised and soft. Plant-derived canola oil and organic babassu seed oil allow the cleanser to dissolve grime and dead cells." 

My second favourite skincare product has to be a good night mask. Who doesn't love hydrating products which leave your skin feeling incredible by morning? The Huxley Good Night Sleep Mask (£24.00) does exactly that - but I was really impressed with the formula. Unlike the traditional sleep mask, this will not leave you feeling greasy in any way, it soaks in quickly - ensuring your bed sheets are not left with that familiar grease stain from your oh so loved sleep mask. Win-Win. By morning my skin is feeling as soft as ever - oh and this one smells pretty incredible too. This is being reached for constantly at the moment. 

"This hydrating overnight mask uses the power of prickly pear seed oil to deeply nourish dry skin while you sleep. Its lightweight, non-greasy gel-cream texture absorbs into the skin quickly and easily, leaving your complexion smooth, radiant and deeply moisturised."

Overall, I am LOVING these products in my routine now. Tonic15 clearly have some incredible brands to try - and I am so impressed with these so far, I would really recommend checking out Tonic15 if you haven't already - Korean Beauty really is worth all the hype around it, and its one bandwagon you need to jump on for 2019. 


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