Let's Talk: Things That REALLY Annoy Me About (Big) YouTubers

I love YouTube as much as the next girl... but every now and then it drives me absolutely bonkers, here are a few of the things that annoy me the most... now I am not naming names, and I am not saying they are all like this, but there are a few who annoy me a little too much, and here is the things that drive me batty...

1. Not Putting in the Effort (Content)
This has been an issue with the gift guides, its very obviously for some *this is all the things I have been sent* rather than actually investigating a worthwhile video of things people would actually give as a gift. Or look into what is actually new out.. not just what has fallen into your PO Box. Sometimes seeing the new bits which PR have sent is great, but sometimes seeing a little more thought into something is the best way to go about it.

2. Not Putting in the Effort (Posting)
Bang on and on and on about how YouTube is their life and job... yet struggle to post even once a week. Poor show, and for the amount you are being paid, the fact that you have no other job - I expect more than a 6 minute video once a week. #justsaying

3. Not Knowing When to Quit
I have seen a few admit to just not coping with what comes with life as a YouTuber, hating the online lifestyle, watching them become unwell by doing it... yet they don't stop, its an ongoing cycle of them being really unhappy with their life, yet not wanting to just STOP.
This also applies to a certain Brighton YouTuber who bangs on and on about wanting privacy and how its not fair... tell you what isn't fair, getting paid minimum wage, working full time and still not being able to pay your bills, I would give up my privacy for a couple of million a year... no doubt... which leads onto.....

4. Letting Money Overrule Common Sense
A few months back I witnessed a big YouTuber buy a £400 handbag that she cannot fit her phone into. She didn't check it before she bought it. Just splurged. No Thought. Done. Then laughed about it on YouTube... I am all for spending their money however they want, but don't put your stupidity on YouTube, it horrifies us.

5. Forced Collaborations
This refers to all collaborations you see on youtube which are SO awkward, you know the ones where they have the same managing company, and they are doing it for the follows.. go check them out - they are great, yeah sure they are - but I don't believe what you are saying when you say you watch them daily...

6. Not Understanding Their Audience
awww so a £210 candle you find worthy of being in a gift guide, but not once have you set foot into a home bargains... you haven't lived! And lets face it, we are all guilty of loving a bit of home bargains... why wouldn't you relate to the people who are actually watching their videos. I am tempted to send them the £2.99 Home Bargains Gingerbread candle with a different label (and a £100 price tag) and see how quick they all rave about them.

7. Not Being Genuine 
*OMG I LOVE THIS PRODUCT* em no. I don't believe you, no one does. I do however believe that they paid you a fair bit of money, kudos to you - but just say that... yes I'm talking to you audible.
Sometimes its just simply saying they love another YouTubers low end product... when the rest of their stash is very much high end... it isn't genuine... which leads onto....

8. "Supporting Each Other" 
YouTubers are always talking about Supporting one another, but sometimes its just all so fake and wrong. Yes we should support each other, but when you don't like a product you should say it - and just because it has another YouTuber's name on it - does not make it automatically good. My example of this is Co Lab, it's no where near as good as Batiste... and don't even get me started on the books.....

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Does anything annoy you about YouTube? Let me know in the comments below, please tell me I am not alone :) 

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  1. I would much rather watch smaller YouTube channels who are buying things with their own money and telling me how it works in a real, relatable life. Same goes for makeup tutorials...I want to see how to create a pretty, everyday look that won't get me strange looks in the supermarket, not slap layers of every product all over my face. I don't trust anything the big YouTubers (or other social media users) say, but can also see they are pressured to keep their channels growing, and they sell a certain kind of super-lifestyle image which there is obviously a big market for. Thanks for this post xxx

  2. This relates to one of the reasons that I have never properly enjoyed watching hauls. I want to hear a review of a product after it has been tried and tested! Hauls feel like long confessions of the impulse spender, which makes me squeamish.
    So great post!

  3. Oh my gosh this is just all so right. It annoys me that bigger YouTubers, like said Brighton superstar mentioned above, complain about everything about their stardom apart from the fact that they're getting sent huge amounts of stuff that they could easily buy themselves and then brag about it. Then bringing out (sometimes outrageously priced) merch just to earn more from their adoring fans pocket money.
    I won't lie there are some that are great and still down to earth but others just brag and complain and it's rather annoying, especially as some used to be decent people until the fame and money got to them.

    Sophie // sofilly.com

  4. An additional thing that drives me batty is when youtubers that are total bigots get massive stardom and cash and people just ignore that aspect of them. And yes, this is a call-out to how racist Jeffree Star is. I find it a more prominent issue in more daily-vlogger or comedy style youtubers like Shane Dawson, but it is still around in the beauty youtuber world, just not as obvious as they're not showing as much of themselves online I think.

  5. Forced collabs just make me sad and I end up turning them off because they are just so painfully awkward. I watched a collab/interview a few months back and it made me want to pull of my fingernails - to the YTr's credit it wasn't her fault her interviewee was so bland but my goodness sometimes it's best to not go there! I also remember seeing one say they couldn't be bothered to film cutaways or swatches for their audience in the middle of a video and I was like "wait what?" - seems like such an odd thing to say! I think if anything this post highlights who does get the balance right - after all I think the whole 'new media' of YT is still in its awkward teenage years and maybe things will smooth out more with time.


  6. The uploading schedules of some big Youtubers astounds me, I watch smaller channels who go to school and have jobs on the side who upload more often than YouTubers whose career is just YouTube!


  7. Agree, some of the bigger youtubers that don't post anymore and only post sponsored products, like ?? what's even the point? But there are still a fair bunch that are good eggs!
    xx Kenzie // Kenzieblogslife.blogspot.com

  8. I hate when they all talk about audible! every single one of them seems to go on about it haha


  9. What bugs me the most is the similarities and the copying, even if it is unintentional, it's just disappointing. I get brands are utilising them to promote their products but how many Natasha Denona Star Palette reviews do we actually need to see? It's just so fake and forced at times, great post Erin! Xx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  10. Haha loved this rant - wonder who the Brighton YouTuber was 😝

  11. The £2.99 Home Bargains Gingerbread candle is the best thing this winter...

    Also I agree with all of this. Favourite videos where it all affiliate links are my biggest pet peeve

  12. Love this! Very honest. Yes I agree re the complaining about privacy and not having the sensitivity to realise that people in much less fortunate positions are watching. Also, these massively expensive products when the viewers can't afford it, is it for them or is it for the youtuber themselves? Good points, Erin! x


  13. I couldn't agree more with all your points here and because of these same reasons, the only big YouTubers that I watch these days are KathleenLights and Lisa Eldridge. I used to watch Wayne Goss but these days he only talk about really expensive stuff and it seems like he loves everything, nothing is bad anymore. I love his makeup brushes but not his channel anymore.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  14. You raised some really relevant points, thank goodness there's still a lot of ones that are worth watching. I guess if we keep supporting the ones we really like we'll get more of what we like ;)


  15. Love this post. Another thing that annoys me is when they start to get a bit of 'fame' and they totally forget who they were. They went from always using drugstore products to everything high end. I've stopped watching a few youtubers because I can't relate or buy anything they're talking about anymore.

    Jasmine x

  16. Yes! I actually dont subscribe to anyone now if they have over a certain amount of subscribers. I also always watch their get to know me vidoes (if they have them) first to see if I find them relatable and not phony... Its so sad that Youtube has become like that now. Certain Beauty youtubers that I use to love for there teaching content I now dont really watch anymore as I feel they are just either peddling there products, or books, or there friends products... xx

  17. Your so right. I started my youtube channel as it felt like a natural step in my line of work. But i echo everyone elses comments of some being unrelatable. I dont personally fear this as i dont see my youtube channel gaining that kind of status, and im so stoked to have 75subs it makes me happy that, that many tune in each week. Always good to stay humble. Great post Erinxx


  18. I think sadly a lot of us can be bought, so collabs etc don't bother me as much, it's more when they say they'll post a certain amount of times and don't. Nobody is forcing them to have a schedule, don't say you will if you're not going to commit!

    Corinne x

  19. Couldn't have said it better, lovely!! Honestly, this was such a well written post and I am sure all of us were just nodding along while reading it. Anything forced or falsely advertised comes out so unnaturally and we all see through it. I have a VERY LIMITED number of YouTubers and bloggers I genuinely trust. It's OK when they do ads, I don't mind it. It is, however, greatly appreciated if they recommend something that's actually really really good! If YouTube was my full-time job, a 6-min video per week would really be a disgrace. Maybe they are just overwhelmed with everything, hence enters your point about not knowing when to quit. Some people are just not cut out for this.
    I do understand the privacy can be a concern if you don't feel safe in your own home because some people are stalking your every move. But at the same time, there are ways to "protect" yourself from unwanted stalkers if you have that much money or move to a more private area. I think this issue is a bit more special and sensitive when it comes to big YouTubers with kids. Think SacconeJolys were saying in one of their videos (I watch like once in a blue moon) that people started coming to kids' school etc. That's a bit freaky!
    Finally, being relatable!!! I don't get the point of raving about a crazy expensive candle if your main audience is living off pocket money given to them by their parents.
    Whew, my mile-long comment is finally finito! haha
    Once again, thanks for this post, lovely! I always appreciate your honesty!
    xox Nadia

  20. I am so with you on not putting the effort into the number of posts!
    Then I will see them on things like Snapchat and it is 1pm in the afternoon and they have just woken up and they are moaning about how busy they are. By then I have already been working for 5 hours and I still always manage to get my blog posts up on time!
    I have worked with people who make YouTube videos, especially makeup videos and with filming and editing it probably takes around 8 hours which should be a standard days work!

    Danielle xx

  21. I agree with you so much about all this! I think the only 'big' genuine YouTubers I know are Shaaanxo and Ciaoobelllax. I much prefer watching 'smaller' channels x


  22. Couldn't agree more, I've noticed this a lot recently, it's such a shame I've stopped watching some of them I hate to say I needed a break lol

  23. Hands down one of the most accurate posts I've ever read! I LOVE this!

    Hollie | ItsHollieAnn.com

  24. Yes yes yes! I totally agree with this!I really can't stand the fact that certain big YouTubers don't make the effort to post regularly even though it is their job. There are many bloggers and YouTubers out there (myself included) who have various commitments - i.e. children, working full-time, studying full-time etc - yet we still make the time and effort to post regularly. For a full-time YouTuber to not make the effort just shows me that they are being lazy and they are not managing their time effectively.

    Also, the moaning and complaining is just out of order. I'd love to be a well-paid blogger, some of these people don't know how lucky they are to do the jobs they do.

    And, the fact that some YouTubers spend mindlessly on expensive goods just shows that they are irresponsible and reckless with money. I'm not against people buying designer goods but when you have a young audience it is important to be aware of how your actions influence them.

    I honestly think that some of them need to get some perspective.


  25. I can certainly see what you mean with a lot of these! I know it isn't exactly the same thing but if I didn't do my job or delivered something late because I 'didn't feel like it' or 'didn't want to force it', I don't think anyone would respect me... I don't judge people on what they choose to spend their money on (though I'm a personal believer in 'if it's more expensive than a holiday, then just go on holiday' when it comes to bags/coats etc.) but I find displays of extreme and frivolous spending to be a bit insensitive in this economy (not to mention boring: one YouTuber seems to post an ASOS or Topshop haul literally every single week!) And can also agree that some people seem to have lost their passion for what they're doing and would be happier in a different career instead of churning out the same stale content...

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  26. You should do the candle thing! I also hate it when they "put together" a gift ideas video and I can't afford one single thing! Or don't want to pay that much for a candle even if for a present I could pay that much.. Glad I'm not the only one haha hope one day they get the message! x


  27. This is seriously everything I hate about a large chunk of popular YouTubers (particularly that Brighton YouTuber who should really work a 9-5 for a week so they can see what hard work actually is). Being popular on YouTube is a privilege and it amazes me that some of the people in that position think they can maintain their following by posting halfhearted content that they really shouldn't have even bothered filming in the first place.

    Raise The Waves

  28. Yes! Totally agree with everything in this post. Yes people want privacy, fair enough, but for the money you get I don't think they can complain. It's part of the job and everyone knows if you make it big you will get less privacy, FACT.
    Oh and LOVE a bit of home bargains! Liverpool has loads, like one on every corner and it literally has everything! xx

  29. I love this post! It also annoys me when they put up one short video a week and then complain about how busy they are. I get that it's hard work but some people do that in addition to having another full time job!!

  30. There are some big YouTubers I used to watch religiously, but don't even watch anymore because I can see how they've changed and their content has changed. I also don't like that some big content creators are saying nasty things publicly, it makes me want to slam my face into a bloody wall!

    - Chloe


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