My First ColourPop Haul! (With Info About UK Shipping + Customs)

ColourPop Goodies! 

I feel like I am the only person left on planet earth who hasn't tried ColourPop yet. Everyone has been raving about it for so long now. It has had my attention for such a long time - and for some reason I just hadn't taken the time to try it yet. The hassle of overseas shipping was too much for me to get my head around - and I hate the long wait. (If only I had known what I know now).

The lipsticks were the first thing I heard about from ColourPop, their Lippie Sticks in particular. I remember Kathleen Lights being completely obsessed with them for such a long time, so I needed to try them. 

I decided to go for Lumiere ($5.50) - which Kathleen Lights made with them. I feel like everyone owns this shade, and I needed to add it to my stash. It is described as "A matte dusty mauve pink". It is really beautiful. 

I then picked up Topanga ($5.50) - Which I would be lying if I said I bought for anything other than the name. ColourPop describes it as "A cremé dusty coral - you'll love this like Corey loves Topanga" and it's true, it's pretty - and Cory does love Topanga. 

Sphynx ($7.00) was a wildcard... and it looked way less pink online. In hindsight, the website did say it was: "This bubblegum pink is a rare breed." - I dislike pink, I will never wear this. DANG. 

Another Round Pencil ($5.00) was a needed purchase. A perfect rosy nude tone to go with every nude lip. 

I Like You ($5.00) Burnt yellowy orange perfection. I love this shade, and something I don't own anything like yet. "Check yes if you like this glittery pastel orange too" is on their website. It's pretty - and I'm loving using it. 

Moonwalk ($5.00) Duo-chrome perfection. I love a green/brown. And this is exactly what this one is. "Show us your best moves in this satin rusty orange with a yellow-green duo chrome flip" Hell yes, beautiful perfection. 

Flexitarian ($8.00) Highlighter perfection. Everyone loves this, I don't know a blogger who doesn't own this one, so I'm glad I have this now. "Swing both ways in this intense white champagne"

Lastly, I picked up two of the Glitterally Obsessed Pots, glitter suspended in jelly. "Get obsessed. This long-wearing glitter packed gel paste provides ultra intense sparkle." I loved the Avenue Of The Stars $8.00 - a pinky shimmer which is just beautiful for something that little bit different.  Outside The Lines $8.00 is the perfect gold. Who doesn't love glitter? Seriously. SO PRETTY! These are not eye safe, but let's be fair - I'll be using them on mine.

S H I P P I N G    +   C U S T O M S

ColourPop actually work out the VAT and shipping costs for you, so at the checkout you pay the fee - then no customs charge our end. I also placed my order when they had free worldwide shipping - so I had no shipping charges. 

The order took 8 days to arrive, which I thought was pretty good. 

Have you ever placed a ColourPop order? What would you recommend? 


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