Pixi Eye Refection Shadow Palettes & Brushes + Swatches*

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Say hello to the newest additions from Pixi Beauty

Over the past year I have really fallen for Pixi Beauty, and to be fair Pixi as a whole brand. I am yet to find anything from them I dislike, and this post is no exception. Pixi very kindly sent me across a very generous PR package containing all of their new launches - which I am very excited about! 

The new palette launches really do have something to suit everyone. The two palettes leave you with lots of ideas on looks to create. A more neutral look, but also a more shimmery colourful one too. 

N A T U R A L   B E A U T Y 
Purchase Here for £24.00

I must admit of the two palettes I was less excited by this one, but after swatching and using it is definitely my favourite of the two. This is one of those palettes that don't instantly grab your attention, but when you start to swatch it and use it, all of a sudden it is the palette you cannot live without. 

The shades are stunning, espeically metal mauve, rose clay and metallic rose. The palette is just so easy to use, all the colours work beautifully together - and perfect for everyday use. I have been reaching for this constantly since it arrived, and for the price - it's well worth it if you are craving an old school palette - which were classics for a reason. 

R E F L E X   L I G H T 

The Reflex palette will definitely not be to everyones tastes, a purely metallic palette this is set up for anyone who loves a one shade look (like me on quick days) or those who like an all shimmer look. This palette is all set up for a quick swipe across the lids and go. I especially love Nude Lustre, Brilliant Bronze and Chestnut Glimmer - they are stunning! 

Pixi also included some of their brushes which are SO cute, and so functional too. I've really been enjoying using them - and they definitely are not this clean anymore! 

Overall, Another hit from Pixi Beauty - the brand seems to never disappoint. 

What is your favourite Palette from the two? Let me know in the comments! 


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