How Find Motivation To Change Your Career (And Return To Education)

Where to find Motivation 

One of the most frequent things I hear on my midwifery content is "I just don't know how you do it" or "I wish I had your motivation". Very similar comments about either having the motivation to change your career path - or having the confidence to go back into learning as a "mature student". 

I feel like sometimes people think motivation is something that can be ordered online or something that I have stumbled across luckily while looking in a cupboard. The reality is far different. So I thought I would take the time to throw a post together with the realities of pushing yourself further than you thought possible - and where to find the strength to do it. 

A B O L I S H   E X C U S E S

The most common reasoning I hear is "I can't go back to college due to ____". 

1. Commitments: I understand this, I couldn't go to college until my son went to school - but it doesn't stop you, it simply delays you. Look into childcare, look into options - there is always a way. 

2. Education: I also had to go to college to repeat my school exams to gain entry to university, so don't let your school-age exams put you off - you will be surprised how able you are with some life experience. The steps to the end are worthwhile. Also, don't be scared to repeat university. It's worthwhile to get where you want to be. 

3. Money: The big one. Cutting back, accepting a loss for overall gain. Knowing the years spent committed and hardworking will pay off overall. Plus, can you put a price on happiness? The next 40+ years of your life? I don't think so.

A C C E P T I N G   R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y 

I think the main source of encouragement will forever be yourself, your own goals, your own dreams. Given no limitations - what would you choose to do? Are you genuinely happy with the path you are on? Do you wake up every morning proud of the road you are headed down? Careers are a huge aspect of our lives - they fund us, drive us, and give a structure to build our personal lives around. And although a career does not need to be the focus of our lives - why not let it be something you love. Something you are passionate about, something you are going to wake up every morning and feel proud of, excited about. Look back, and have no regrets. None that you have any control over. 

H A R D   W O R K    &    R E S I L I E N C E

Getting into Midwifery WAS NOT easy. I worked a part-time job while I got the grades full time at college, all while looking after my son, running this blog. I was rejected my first application to midwifery and accepted my second attempt. Now that I am in - I commute 65 miles each way to university. I worked my fucking ass off, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

You need to accept it might not be smooth sailing - but you need to work hard and not give up. It requires a boat tonne of effort and commitment, but you can and will manage to do it. You will find the strength, and you just need to trust yourself and go for it. Hard work definitely pays off, and you will be forever proud of yourself for doing it. 

C O M M I T M E N T   &    P R I O R I T I S I N G

It takes a huge amount of commitment to take the leap into learning again. Not only are you pushing yourself into a new environment and a new situation, but you need to be able to apply yourself and commit everything you have to it too. Learning how to prioritise the essential to the non-essential will be crucial too - who cares about cleaning when you are achieving your dreams? 

I    A M    N O T   U N I Q U E 

Please don't look at me and think "Oh I couldn't do that" or "You are just so motivated" I am not unique in motivation, it is not handed out in limited supply to specific people. You are more than capable of achieving your dreams if you want them. Take inspiration from me, from others. But don't think it is unavailable to you, too. If we can do it - so can you. 

Don't let age hold you back either, check out this post where I spoke all about it. 

I have loved the leap I have taken, and would forever encourage anyone who isn't happy where they are to do the same. It will be worth it - I promise. 


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