March Favourites 2019

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I have no idea how it is the end of March...

I thought I would go through a quick roundup of this months favourite items - the ones I have loved and used constantly. 

Definitely check out my post on this to see the swatches - because this palette is beautiful when put to use. It definitely doesn't look all that impressive, but once you start using it you will realise how versatile it is. 

I have loved using this to set my makeup over the past month, a really beautiful product - and it smells incredible. 

I love a green shade all over the lid, it can be so beautiful as a simple pop of colour, and this one is the perfect shade. I find myself reaching for this constantly. 

The perfect my lips but better shade, and such a good formula, the perfect mix between long-lasting and creamy - which helps it to last all day long without drying out your lips. A winner in my opinion. 

How stunning is this shade? It is the perfect pinky metallic shade, I love it. Really beautiful on.

6. Oreo Egg
GET IN MY BELLY. Seriously these are so so good. Highly recommend, if only they were mint - that would make them a million times better. 

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen me looking at the same cute jumper with stripey sleeves for months. It was £42.00, and I wasn't okay with parting with that kind of cash, so when it went to £25.00 it was mine. Totally worth it - I love it. (See below)

8. Call The Midwife 
Another season finished, it never fails to entertain me, I love it so much. I love how they addressed abortion legalities - it is so important to look at why we changed the laws, and this helps to highlight it beautifully - in a very real way. 

9. NINE Births 
9 babies successfully "caught". Placement was incredible - but more on that in the next update. 

Jannettas in St Andrews is iconic. Everyone knows about it, you queue for the most incredible ice cream - and this month we have discovered the joy of sitting inside. AJ LOVED it, and so did I. New favourite - without a doubt, and no - not sponsored, not gifted... I just love ice cream. 

What has been the highlight of March for you? Let me know!


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