10 Shows Worth Switching To Prime For

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Poor Prime is Forever Neglected 

When it comes to online streaming services Netflix is forever going to come out tops. From their incredible new movies, productions and new offerings it has all of us with the ability to work a computer (or smart TV) weak at the knees. I will never take away Netflix's reign, but I have to admit that I have been preferring Prime lately.

I think Prime is compensating for not making constant new shows, by adding some freaking CLASSICS into the mix. I have spent days watching Prime now, and I can't see myself stopping anytime soon. So I thought I would share with you my favourites - just in case you are sick of scrolling Netflix looking for something to get invested in - and coming up with nothing long enough or good enough. 

1. Fresh Off The Boat
I recommend this to EVERYONE. Seriously it is SO good. Endless giggles, I just love Jessica. Highly recommend checking this out if you love easy to watch sitcoms like The Middle. This has given me a good few moments where I couldn't breathe from laughing. I will watch them on loop too.

2. Two and A Half Men
All the way back when Jake was cute - and Charlie Sheen was ironically funny. Plus Kandi, Alan, Herb, BERTA. I must admit I do still love this, and they have every single episode on there.

3. Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Yeah, you read that right. BUFFY. She is fucking badass. Even in 2019. Angel still gives me the feels too, and Spike.... oh Spike. I don't think watching Buffy will ever get old.

4. Angel
What is one without the other. Plus its David Boreanaz. *sighhhhhhh*

5. Bones
Did I mention I really like David Boreanaz? I ended up watching Bones for him and stayed because the show was just incredible. SO good. Well worth watching if you haven't already - and I can confirm the ending was well done - so no need to panic over that.

6. Grey's Anatomy 
Yup. Season 1-14. ALL THE DRAMA. All the Meredith & Derek moments, McDreamy, McSteamy, GEORGE. Sure you will cry lots - but wow is it good. Mer and Christina are friends goals too, well worth watching if you haven't already (and it'll take you ages!)

7. Criminal Minds
Garcia is SUCH a babe. I've just finished watching all of these and they are incredible. If you like bones, or like murder type shows - this is the one for you. Such an incredible cast too.

8. Supernatural 
SUCH a cool show. The boys are lovely, the storylines are shocking and completely bonkers - in such a good way. Angels, demons. So much fun.

9. Life In Pieces 
Quick snippets which will have you giggling for hours. Such a good little pick me up, and the family is fantastic.

10. Glee
Yeah, I'll admit that I watched it and loved it. Who doesn't love a singalong?

Signing up for Prime?

There is a whole load more you get from prime memberships too - the main one being free next day delivery on amazon products - which is a lifesaver on occasion. 

What are you watching at the moment? Do you have Prime? Let me know in the comments! 


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