Top 10 Tasks I Will Avoid Doing

The Contrast To My Motivation. 

After my motivational post here. I thought I would share with you the bits I can never find the motivation to do. The places I steal time, motivation and energy from - to ensure I do well at university (or just because I'm lazy mostly). Think of this post as the balance to my last one. The reality of being human - the flaws. 

P U T T I N G   W A S H I N G   A W A Y
Putting everything into the washing machine? No, bother. Hanging it up? Fine. Putting it away again? Hell no. Welcome to my couch robe. I hate putting clean clothes away, so my couch just becomes a clothes hanger. I sometimes do it, and think wow look how nice that is! But nothing ever changes.

Body heat flattens clothes... right? Unless it is really crumpled. Chances are I won't have ironed it. I hate ironing, just such a boring process. But I still seem to think I will, I put things in the ironing basket and get the ironing board out.. and leave it... and leave it. Until I get sick of it and put it away. I even don't wear certain clothes because I know it needs ironing after I've washed it. And I just cannot be bothered. 

M Y   H A I R
My hair is massively neglected. I only wash it twice a week, then I air dry it, and I might straighten it. Might. Most of the time it resembles a nest, or it is tied up on placement. Thank goodness for Fin & Co taking good care of it, because I would be lost without them. 

C L E A N I N G    M Y   C A R 
I am a nightmare with my car. My house I can mostly keep on top of, but the car... well it isn't cute. I use my car like a shed, I keep things in it - balls, car supplies, scooters, towels, buckets, spades. All because I live in a flat... then because of the flat I also can't just clean it outside my flat. So yeah... it's gross. So every time someone gets in - I apologise. 

M A K I N G   S P A C E   O N   M Y   M E M O R Y C A R D S
I know how to do it... but it just takes SO long. I can never be bothered going through thousands of photos and deleting the ones I don't need, then reformatting... I just don't have the time or energy for it so I just buy new memory cards. Terrible I know. 

M A K I N G   C O F F E E 
I would save a fortune every month if I just stopped buying coffee and just made it at home. But the effort of making it and carrying about an empty cup all day for it to then sit in my car for 3 days is just too much. So I go to Starbucks. Oh well. 

S H A V I N G 
Sometimes I pretend I'm making a statement for feminism for not shaving my legs, but the reality is I can't be arsed - so I don't. I crack when I realise how bad they look and I'll spend 10 minutes cursing because it's so much longer to shave them when it's longer... but it doesn't stop me leaving them a few weeks. Thank goodness for winter. 

W E A R I N G   A N Y T H I N G   O T H E R   T H A N   L E G G I N G S
Yeah, the shame. I'm a leggings all the time kind of person. Every now and then I think, just wear your jeans... then I cry by 3pm because I'm just uncomfortable, cold and just plain miserable. I sigh a sigh of relief swapping back into my leggings. I know how naff I look in them, and I want so badly to be stylish... but I love my leggings.

L O S I N G   W E I G H T 
I want to lose weight, badly. But not as bad as my love for food, cake and coffee. It's just a constant internal battle, one where I just cannot be bothered eating healthy. Eating healthy SUCKS. A cake is awesome, so is pasta, bread, pizza, CHEESE. I have well and truly earned my chub.

E X E R S I S I N G 
hahahahahahahaha. See above.

We are all human, with flaws - Which things do you avoid doing? 


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