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New Pixi Collection You Say?

I am forever impressed by Pixi, and their new offerings seem to have everyone a tad obsessed with everything pastel green & pink. Pixi very kindly sent across their new collection for me to try - and wow have I loved trying it all. 

Everything has been involved in my routine now for around a month, some definitely more than others - but wow is there some standouts in this collection. 

Rose in skincare is ALL about hydrating and creating that glow.. so it makes sense to have three stand out hydrating products. I like to view them in different extremes, a little boost through to ultra hydrating. 

The Rose Caviar Essence (£26.00) is a quick fix. The quick boost your skin needs to feel that little bit more normal. It soaks in quickly and doesn't leave a texture - but plumps your skin for instant results. "Concentrated flower oils suspended in a weightless serum-essence melt onto skin. Delivers fresh botanicals to nourish and hydrate, restoring skin's brightness for immediate and long term radiance."

The Rose Oil Blend (£26.00) is too much for my already oily skin, but it definitely does the job in hydrating. I think if you have dry skin you will love this! "A luxe, ultra-nourishing oil that rejuvenates, restores and renews skin's luminosity."

The Rose Ceramide Cream (£24.00) is my favourite of the three. Designed to hydrate your skin gently this will be a daily moisturiser you will reach for time and time again. I have loved having this in my routine, and cannot see this leaving it anytime soon. "This ultra-rich cream is infused with Ceramides and Rose Oil to deeply hydrate the skin for a healthier, more supple appearance and feel. Antioxidant-rich botanicals help to improve skin’s elasticity while protecting against environmental aggressors."

The mists in the collection have probably been used the most - just through the joy of using them. 

The Rose Glow Mist (£16.00) has been living in my fridge and has been used as a pick me up whenever I'm makeup free and opening the fridge - which tends to be a fair bit to be fair. The scent is incredible, and I love how it makes my skin feel too. "Packed with 7 flower oils, essential fatty acids and antioxidants, this dual-phase elixir leaves skin with a natural glow. It moisturises the skin, improves elasticity and provides free radical protection."

The Makeup Fixing Mist (£16.00) has been my go-to for after makeup application. I have no idea if it adds time to my makeup - I never go without a mist anymore so I couldn't compare - but it's definitely a joy to use. The smell and feel are fantastic - and the spray action doesn't affect my powders - so overall it's good. "All-over setting spray for longer-wearing makeup"

The Rose Cream Cleanser (£18.00) is the perfect morning cleanser. Definitely not aimed at removing a tonne of makeup - but this will happily kick off your day leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean without stripping your skin of moisture. I have loved using this daily - and this will be another one I won't stop using anytime soon. "Nourishing cream cleanser with mineral-rich mud cleanses skin as it helps strengthen & soften skin."

The Rose Tonic (£10.00) has been the third sister of Glow and Retinol for a little while now - and wow was it a welcomed addition. Designed to restore normality in your skin this is the gentle tone to restore the goodness your skin has lost. "Naturally soothing and rich in nutrients, this tonic helps to tone, balance pH, minimize redness and calm skin. Rehydrates, replenishes and refreshes."

Rose Flash Balm (£26.00) This is my instant fix when my morning skin isn't good. Usually due to drinking - honesty there Erin. But it simply restores what should be, and gives your skin that much needed boost when it is looking at its worst. As this can also be used as a primer it is ideal for makeup application after too - which is a godsend on those hungover mornings. "This 3-in-1, oil-free, quick absorbing formula instantly moisturises and brightens and is great as a revitalizing mask as well as a primer to prep skin for perfect makeup application."

The Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloths (£10.00) are something I reserve for emergencies only. Wipes aren't something I opt to use anymore - but I will when I need to (like when I'm out and end up in a state or end up staying somewhere) so I honestly haven't used these yet - but if they are anything like the rest of the collection - they will be good. "Ultra effective pre-moistened cleansing cloths that effortlessly dissolve makeup while balancing skin."

I have been really enjoying trying the Rose Collection from Pixi, and yet again they have impressed me. Without a doubt my top three is the Ceramide Cream, The Cleanser and The Rose Caviar Essence - definitely worth picking up if you get the chance. 

Have you tired this collection yet? What was your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below! :)


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