March Skincare Saviours

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A little Skincare Roundup... 

Another month, another skincare routine. I thought I would share with you the new bits, and the bits I have been loving in my routine over the past month. Definitely, a bit Pixi orientated this month - like every other to be fair!

My go-to first thing in the morning, I love this. The smell is fab, the texture is fab and I love using it as a pick me up first thing. 

New SPF in the lineup, and I've been loving using this one. Hydrating but not too thick - the best combination. Especially when you are applying makeup after. 

I have loved using this, I love the formula. This is super hydrating, but absorbs quickly. I have been reaching for this constantly - morning and night. 

A quick little boost on a down day, this is the perfect boost for when your skin isn't feeling so fresh. I've been reaching for this when my skin is feeling dry or a bit rubbish. 

I am so loving the double cleanse, especially the balm. If only there was a way of keeping it cleaner - because it isn't looking too great at the moment - but I love it none the less. 

I love this little cleansing brush. The silicone is soft and easy to clean, and the bristles ensure my skin is nice and clear and soft. Highly recommend a cleansing brush - they really do take your routine to a new level. 
Theeeee most luxe lip balm I've ever had the pleasure to use - but I must admit I do love it. It's leaving my lips feeling so soft and it smells soooooo good. This is the clear one, which is perfect for at night (and I love the smell of this one). 

I reach for this constantly since I knackered my nails on placement. My hands are dried out and worse for wear at the moment, this just helps to take the edge off. 

which products have you been loving this month?


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