M&S Best In Beauty

Thee most incredible goodies.

I cried when I opened this, I mean what an incredible collection of products, their best of the best. The most common thing I hear about M&S and their beauty selection is: "I didn't realise they stocked so many brands" - indeed they do. They are SLAYING the game at the moment when it comes to products, and I seem to be endlessly recommending them as a place to shop, and half my links on here end up being for M&S, they are just so easy to use, readily available, and perfect for a quick (or not so quick) walk around if you are in town.

So, they decided to send out the best of their beauty products, and I am SO excited to try them all properly. They have been included within my skincare routine now for a few weeks, so this will be a quick round up, first impressions, before I dedicate a full post to some of the products included.

1. Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels £25.00
OMG these are SO nice to have on, they are a tired girls dream. They just seem to brighten and refresh, depuff and allow me to feel so much more alive. (less zombie)

2. Ren Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream £32.00
I have really been enjoying using this in the morning... a little really does go a long way with this, but it is so hydrating and perfect for sensitive skin.

3. Philip Kingsley Elasticizer £18.50
I've used this before and really love it for an instant re-boost to your hair. This is perfect for flat hair that needs life put back into it. I used this after my holiday, and it took my hair from being a chlorine disaster to back to it's usual self.

4. Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm £47.00
This is SO luxe, and WOW am I loving it. Think spa level cleanser, it feels and smells incredible! It can also remove any and all makeup effortlessly. The perfect combo of luxe and efficient.

5. Formula Ultimate Sleep Cream £22.00
I do love a night cream - I think they are my favourite skincare product now, and this one is so nice. I love hydrating night creams, which leave my skin feeling super plump and smooth, this does exactly that!

6. Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil £29.00
I wouldn't typically be into body oils, but since coming back from my holidays I have been convincing myself I am tanned (which I'm not) so applying this just makes me feel like the bronze goddess I want to be (even if it's lies lol)

7. Origins Drink Up Intense Overnight Mask £26.50
 I am SO obsessed with this. The smell is like holidays and summer, and the way it makes my skin feel is just SO good. I would use this constantly given half a chance - but opt for twice a week.

8. Pixi Glow Tonic £18.00
I'm pretty sure I was the only person left on planet earth to have not tried this out. What a fool I was. I love it. SO good. I use it daily, and now I completely understand the hype around it.

9. Stila One Step Corrective Primer £24.00
I'm still unsure on the colour correcting properties of this, but I do love it as a base for foundation. It helps to prime and leave a good texture to apply makeup on top of, which is ideal.

10. This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray £18.00
I have been using a mini of this since the summer beauty box and it is so nice for those nights where you need that little bit extra to relax - which seems to be all the time at the moment thanks to the heat.

The older I get the more I seem to understand the need for a good face SPF daily. I finally accept I took rubbish care of my skin in my teens and half of my twenties, and it is showing. This is a good base, high spf, and perfect to quickly apply in the morning.

12. L'Occitane Hand Cream £21.00
I haven't had a chance to use this much (as its been way too hot - my hands have been melting) but I am looking forward to using this all autumn, I can see this living in my bag and becoming my go-to. The formula feels incredible.

13. Formula Elixir £23.00
I am really enjoying using this so far, but cannot see any big benefits yet. The product is lightweight and easy to apply after the rest of a skincare routine. I will keep you updated on the results...

14. Filorga Time-Filler Eyes £47.00
I always feel so fancy whenever I use this, it is the ultimate of fancy eye creams, it is stunning. I love how my undereyes instantly look and feel better after using this, it has very quickly become a go -to product for me.

I am SO loving M&S for all my beauty staples now, have you shopped with them before? Did you realise they held this many incredible brands & products?

 *These items were sent to me for review but has in no way altered my opinion on them, and all words are my own unless stated otherwise (usually in quotes!)

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